Want to practice editing? 60 H2C clips in HD open to the public!

I often see new editors looking for some content to play with, and I'm hoping to help those people out. I could have thrown together some little video with these clips, but I'd rather put them out in the open for anyone to use. The clips aren't amazing, but they are pretty good - and who doesn't enjoy some nice looking H2 stuff? So yeah, hopefully a couple of people can get some use out of these. Link is below, have fun.


edit - new link in case the first one doesn't work for ya: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lw3av5s2575t5bf/free_clips,_yo.rar

Nice of you to share the clips, man! What gametype does the majority of the clips belong to?
There is a lot of 1v1, but  there is a decent mixture of teams/FFA.
D/L'd ill probably do something with these soon
Probably just to watch. l've got a good 4 projects all on back burners, and I need something to keep me focused on editing.
Good to know that it's some variety. Might download your clips and do something with them if I get the time late summer. Once again, thanks for sharing!
Kind of expected this to just die, but I'm glad that even one person is getting some use out of these clips.
I'm tryin' to. Super slow progress y'know
Nah, these are the leftovers to what I gave you. Take your time bb.
any chance of a fresh link? the link in OP is dead/ said it violates their terms of service?

Not sure why that happened, but here's a new link:


it has happened again with t he 2nd ,link to :/ it comes up as this, not sure why it is happening? 


‚Äčthe above gyazo link is what comes up when I click the link 

Thanks for providing these! I have more projects than I know what to do with right now, but I'll definitely give these a shot at some point, if not just to play around with when I hit a wall with some of my other projects.