Looking For Top Editor For Halo Reach Montage 2 100% MLG

Was not in anyway expecting to make this post but sadly I have to. As the title states I now need an editor for my second big montage. Originally Local was editing it but since last week he had informed me he can no longer do it due to being extremely busy with life now. I would like this montage out for the movie competition but if it takes longer but turns out better then so be it. This project means a lot to me since I have put A LOT of effort making sure that the clips were better than the ones I had for my M1. I can guarantee I have achieved making the clips 10x better so you would have top quality clips to edit with.  In terms of the editing, I have a specific vision for what I want the montage to be like (will require a decent amount of VFX) but if an editor has something better that I'm happy with I'm all for it. If anyone is interested please reply on here or to contact me faster skype me: xdelta0027x or tweet me @Delta_Nades_U .



Sorry to keep bumping just trying to find an editor in time to release it for the movie competition.
Too bad you're bumping in the wrong thread.
I personally felt it was better to make my own thread to find an editor for my tage than the official one for the movie comp which i have also posted in there as well. :)