Greetings to all of you! (Lando's Thread)

First off I would like to say hello! I'm Lando nice to meet everyone last one of you. I'm guessing this is where the cool kids hang out at right? (Meh I'm not cool tho haha.) I'm just some random guy who loves halo as much as the next person here and I would love to share some of my favorite moments playing the game. I am by no means a pro but I do have some fun. Me and a couple of friends are so into Firefight and Griffball its unreal. So if you like either of those maybe check out some of my content. It would mean the world to me. We can get a little loud sometimes. More or so me....I really get into it XD.

I don't know If it went through or not but I did try and post a thread like this previously but I may or may not have tied it a older thread O__O.... If I did I apologize entirely. Is it cool If I occasionally bump this thread with content? I'm looking for a venue to show my content and getting feedback in any way while making friends.


Nice to meet you man.  Welcome to THF.
that grifball video haha u guys r crazy

You get into it more than I do haha.