Looking for a lot of help.

Hey not really sure where this would fit on the forum but just need some help with a few things. I am looking for people who would know ways to get torrents of certain programs, maybe there is already a post. I find nowadays its a little harder to get your hands on all the tools you need to make a "professional" level video but heres what I am looking for. I am running windows 10, if you know of setups that work please don't be afraid to help a brother out.

-After Effects (CS doesnt matter aslong as it will run windows10)

-3D modeling program (Maya, 4D, or 3Ds, those are the programs I remember)

-Halo 2 vista (with the program that allows you to move your camera freely)

-Vegas (I already have it but im sure if people see this and all this can be brought forward someone will want it)

Now I know I am asking for something that in some places may be illegal or maybe just frowned upon, hell im not even sure about the security checks in the new windows and such, I took quite a break from this kind of stuff. All I know is that I would really like to have this stuff again and sorry if I'm a bother just trying to get a good setup back together so I can edit again.




Or, some Indian Kid on YouTube.