Everyone still dead?

Just stopping by to say howdy.
Dead af. Howdy hope youre well
im doing well slater thanks for asking 
my dutch brethren
A random Dennis appears. Damn son whats good
Hi everybody.  Randomly ran into Colostomizer on MCC a few weeks back and made me think of all the good and bad times on this site.  
Happy 4/20 everyone!
Yep, I'm dead. The whole community has moved to twitch

My online self is substantially less shitty without this website. 

I do miss slater tho.

So I’m taking one of my old Xbox 360s to work and gonna play people from my department during our social times. Keeping the dream alive a bit :)


just booting up halo 3 makes me think of this place fondly and y’all too.  

wtf Dutchy in this thread. you know I still watch lag warrior sometimes.