What do you think of implementing this into THF?

Does anybody like the idea of implementing the ability to customize your account name color after you donate a certain amount of money to THF?

Donations received could then be used to help maintain or improve the site and fund future tournaments.

Heres an example from another forum website.

The last color option "Orb of the Rainbow" allows you to choose any background and foreground colors, and can be changed at anytime to your liking.

(2,500 fg is equivalent to about 75$)

We use different colors currently to distinguish the separate user groups, maybe not have it be color but something else?

There is also a Donor Stars system they use which would appear to the right of their name.

But i think a lot of people like color customization and would most likely pay for it, thus benefiting THF and its users.

Instead of having different colored usernames to distinguish separate user groups, you could have a "User Group: Editor/Admin/Ect" Indicator under your avatar picture. You could also have a forum section dedicated to helping people find editors or other areas of experience. Or maybe a symbol representing what their position is next to their name.

I don't know the difficulty of changing or implementing these things, but i just thought name color customization would be a good incentive to get people to donate to THF.

I think that user's value and impact on the community is measured in much more than simply their monetary donations. Cool idea tho, maybe.