Destiny Thread

I'm about to be done with this game. Some kids put 100 hrs in and get the gjallarhorn multiple times and I've put almost 600 and still nothing. Or doing raids and getting energy constantly. 160 energy isn't going to do me shit. ------- Crucible fucking blows. Constant hunter golden guns or its a rocket launcher fest. Hand cannons are op. Machine guns don't even exist. They just need a Playlist that has no supers. It would be so amazing but probably won't ever happen. This game is built around people who don't play video games. Way too easy to get kills.
Everyone ignores me in the chat Gage. I feel like the last kid to get picked in kickball.
we all barely play...i pug most of my shit now

I've had incredibly frustrating experiences with destinylfg lately. I was trying to do crota hard mode  for a few hours the other day; people stealing the final checkpoint and various forms of retardation. Spent 90 minutes yesterday trying to find a group just to finish it before giving up and playing crucible. Same thing today except we  eventually got a group together. After 3 failed attempts to kill crota everyone left and I just turned off my xbox. Gonna have to take a break from this shit for a few days before I lose my mind.

Stayed up to do the Iron Banner rank glitch during the reset and it actually worked. I still had my rank 5 from last month and was able to get the last piece of gear I needed to make my warlock a 32 (need a fucking shit ton of shards for my raid gear). No grinding crucible for me, fuck you Bungie!

Right now the only reason I have to play is to get raid weapons, and the only ones I haven't gotten are Fatebringer and Word of Crota (already have all the good exotics). After I have those I don't what I'll do with my life.

Rank glitch? And Bungie for sure fucked up this pvp in this game. "Let's go add a super over powered shotgun to ruin everyone's gaming experience ". Fuck the felwinters lie.

The rank glitch is where you stay in orbit during the reset then go to the tower a few minutes after, and your IB rank will be the same it was for last IB. I was able to grab a chestpiece without playing. Only works until you sign off though. If I want to buy anything else I have to grind which I might end up doing anyway.

People on DestinyLFG kill me. These fuckers are making posts for VoG HM and saying "32's only" smfh

Rank glitch? And Bungie for sure fucked up this pvp in this game. "Let's go add a super over powered shotgun to ruin everyone's gaming experience ". Fuck the felwinters lie.

I have not seen you make one single positive post the entire time you've been on this forum.

Rank glitch? And Bungie for sure fucked up this pvp in this game. "Let's go add a super over powered shotgun to ruin everyone's gaming experience ". Fuck the felwinters lie.

I have not seen you make one single positive post the entire time you've been on this forum.

OK that was a waste of my time. Go cry somewhere else. and vog hm isn't even that bad. Just comes down to finding the right kids. The only thing I ask for matchmaking to do is put full parties vs full parties. Tired of a team of 6 vs randoms. there's no way we're going to win and ruins everyone's experience
hi Hurricane

People on DestinyLFG kill me. These fuckers are making posts for VoG HM and saying "32's only" smfh

You pretty much have to. You have no idea how many times I'm grouping for Crota's End or Nightfall, and I get all these kids that say "I'm 27 but I know what I'm doi--"



So yeah, if you don't filter that up front, you'll only get people you don't want.

Eh, I can respect that because I've been in that situation several times. People who suddenly reveal halfway through a raid that they've never done it before or that they are using uncommon weapons or some stupid shit.

"32's only" for Crota HM I can understand.  But VoG HM?  Limiting yourself to 32's only for that is just dumb. I  get the reason for wanting players of a certain level but people take it too far.


Crazy snipe I got a while ago:

Look carefully at the name it says I killed, I still can't find him in the video lol.


I don't know if any of you have discovered this yet but I've been using it for about a week now and it's super convenient if you're frequently switching between alts.

Essentially it's a chrome extension for transferring items between characters and the vault. You just click an item and choose which character you want to move it to, or if you want to put it in the vault. and the companion app are decent but this saves you a step and it's usually a lot more responsive as well.  always loads really fucking slowly for me. I think you can also create custom loadouts but I haven't tried that yet.

As far as mobile I've heard Packmule for Destiny on Android is decent, but I have an old iphone so I haven't tried it.

I also just wanted to show off my gear =P

I made a little PVP video today while watching some march madness. gotta be honest not a clue what to cut and i don't record with my Elgato on destiny so idk how the gameplay is, or if i missed something sick through my DVR. If anyone wants to get some games in on PVP then add me: sk0ls is lit.



I was 400 exp away from getting my hunter to rank 4 in the iron banner. But I had to go to work. If only I had not even 2 hours I could've gotten it. I just wasted all that time for nothing
My titan is finally a 32 so i have three 32's, but now i literally have no interest in playing destiny anymore.

Just made a highlight vid. Haven't watched many Destiny montages so I don't know what the standard is for clips but these are some of my best. All recorded with the Xbox game dvr because I'm lazy.

Played crucible for the first time since getting my monitor and I was pooping on kids. So crazy how much of a difference that made.

No Raid in the next DLC. What the fuck Bungie...

Uhh.. yeah they are? Where did you see that at? They just came out with that trailer about it
Shit maybe you are right. Then what the fuck is the point of the dlc then? This game is getting harder and harder to play

Bungie confirmed it.

I'm really disappointed. Raids are really the only thing I enjoy as a result of the activity itself. I can stomach Crucible or doing bounties/strikes if I'm playing with friends, but I can PUG a raid and still have a good time.

I was really excited to go into a new raid blind, not knowing what to expect. With VoG and CE I knew what to expect because I had watched streams before actually doing it. So I was REALLY looking forward to the next raid. Now who knows how long it will be until the next one is released.

The game had so little content to begin with - for a game that requires lots of grinding for gear - and now they're making it worse by removing content from the DLCs.

I have gotten to the point where I have all the gear I wanted and more, so I have no real reason to play.


It is disappointing knowing there won't be a raid. I did have people to raid with but they never invited me so I said fuck it. I guess it wouldn't have affected me much then. They need to start coming out with dlc faster or they will lose players very fast
pretty sure there wont be another DLC for this game after HoW. they'll just put out Destiny 2
only interest i had in the DLC was a good raid. Vault of Glass was literally the only reason i logged on before Crota DLC and after that DLC it was all about killing Crota. I'd rather get one raid and nothing else outside of unique raid drops over any of the other shit they've tried to do.
I'm to the point where I think I have everything that Xur sells. Bought The Last Word today, haven't tried it out though. Still need the Nechrocasm, and Thunderlord and I'll be set. Only one I care about is thunderlord

Thunderlord is a beast, though Jolder's Hammer (Iron Banner MG) is pretty similar and it doesn't take up an exotic slot.

I think the only exotic I need is Hard Light.

It's going to be a long month, and even when HoW does drop I don't know how long that will keep me interested, if at all.

Xur just sold the hard light a few weeks ago, only reason I have it. And I don't like exotics that much unless it's the heavy weapon slot. Don't need a fancy sniper, my LDR is fine and don't need a fancy primary cause my Badger is good enough for me

Post your most used weapons:


Primary:  Fatebringer & Fang of Ir Yut

Special: Black Hammer, Swordbreaker, & Icebreaker

Heavy: Gally


Primary: Thorn, Bad Juju, & Red Death

Special: Praedyth's Revenge & Secret Handshake

Heavy: Jolder's Hammer

Pve: Badger.. and only the badger really. LDR 5001 or The Surpemacy sniper. Then either the Truth, Against all odds or a rocket with tracking or proximity. Pvp: Badger, Black Hammer, any fusion rifle or shotgun depending on what level and the Gally obv

Black hammer for PVP? I mean, it's nice, but I'm just not confident enough to use a sniper with a 3 round clip. Praedyth's has the perfect combination of low recoil, high rate of fire, and a 6 round clip. Plus headshots make people explode so there's that.

Gally is undoubtedly beast on PVP. I've been using machine guns lately though because if I play carefully enough I can usually get 7-8 kills out of one heavy drop. Half the time I just get rushed by people with rockets and die instantly so it's kind of a wash.

I just got a scout rifle in a drop that has explosive rounds and the third eye perk (radar is visible when scoped in). I always get shitty rolls on weapon drops but I got lucky on that one, I'll be trying it out for sure.

Yeah my Badger has ADS and radar active and I do have one with explosive rounds. My LDR has firefly like praedyths revenge but I never notice and extra kills. I don't mind machine guns, but they only work well if you stay low until everyone uses their rocket ammo. I'd rather get a quick 4 with my Truth and keep on killing with my primary weapon
Also I don't like how the special ammo spawns so little now. Going from 45 seconds with all these boxes to every 2 minutes is a bit ridiculous. I think doubling it to a minute and a half would've been fine. But then also moving the spawns so you have to relearn them all? Come on bungie