Destiny Thread

im sorry :(
ive done skolas once and never again. the rewards didnt seem worth the hassle 
I need to do it for the triumph shit. Only thing left to do. 

Just got bounty for super good advice.

Dont know why I'm excited, its just g oing to be shit in 3 weeks lol

nice did you get the cipher?
no but I don't really care. Gun will be useless in a couple weeks anyways
yeah i beat skolas for the first time two weeks ago. got my cipher and am working on the bounties now
happy for you spence real fucking happy
does anyone know to what extent the weapons from year 1 will be ''useless'' when TTK comes out? I honestly couldn't give a crap about damage if it still takes only 1 sniper headshot or two bodyshots to kill a guy in crucibles.
all year one weapons will work perfectly fine in non competitive crucible. i.e. modes that normalize your damage. so anything but iron banner and trials of osiris will work fine.

no but I don't really care. Gun will be useless in a couple weeks anyways


They are pretty useless now but I just enjoy messing around with them lol

Got a hawkmoon!! decrypted from a leg engram from cryptarch package. Got that and god of war shader. Felt so stoked
I cant wait to get the ps exclusive exotics come 9/15!
All of them would have to be brought to year 2 correct? 
god damn 2.0 is solid
For whatever reason my ps4 didn't start the 2.0 dl until I turned it on around 7pm last night. And since my internet has been shit it won't finish for at least a day fml
yeah mine didnt auto download either al, I had tog manually go into the game and hit A to download for some reason.
You can now field test weapons from the gunsmith, get on it folks!

I don't like Nolandroid.



Me neither which further solidifies that the voice acting isn't the problem, its the shit writing.
Yeah I think the writing is just garbage. I do seem to prefer Nolan's ghost over Dinklage's most the time though. But there are still some lines that I sort of cringe at.

What good is doing the gunsmith stuff? I feel like there's little reason to play this week. XP from bounties does nothing. No sense in wasting time leveling gear.

Haven't really felt the need to play this week.

Im not entirely sure, but I think when you gain enough rep with the gunsmith you can buy an armsday package from him to be delivered. so field testing the weapons will earn you rep towards ordering a legendary gun. Also, This is just me but since I only had a Hunter and Warlock, I decided to make a Titan and level her up completely from scratch with the new questing system to see how different it was. Really enjoying it so far.

Decided to pick up NLB and an engram. Turned into a Heart of the Praxic Fire. Never had that before. Neat.

I've got a lot of boss gear for a Warlock. Pity I've never made one.

finished all the story missions on my titan, ended at level 28 so the bounties helped out quite a bit
Got another hawkmoon tonight from nightfall. Bungie is straight trolling right now. 
how's everyone enjoying ttk so far?
got an exotic arm piece out of legendary engram fuck yesss

havent been able to play yet. Bought the ps4 and then installed bigger hdd. Then had to restore from usb. Now redownloading 2.0 update.


Hey--everybody post your LOY videos--they're pretty cool.
everybody make sure you do the questline from variks and petra and I think the quest chain for the taken war: mars as well. You should get an exotic from petra at the end called Boolean Gemini.
officially at 292 light, I am raid ready!