Destiny Thread

kk, I'll add you up, lvl 33 hunter myself now, and I got some pretty decent pvp gear at last.
it's been a while tho, we'll give it a round or 2 and see how it goes, I think I should be able to be useful as long as there is some team communication

Eh, I can respect that because I've been in that situation several times. People who suddenly reveal halfway through a raid that they've never done it before or that they are using uncommon weapons or some stupid shit.

"32's only" for Crota HM I can understand.  But VoG HM?  Limiting yourself to 32's only for that is just dumb. I  get the reason for wanting players of a certain level but people take it too far.


I just experienced the worst kind of hell--something that absolutely makes me even angrier, and solidifies my point even further. I got in a raid (yes, Hard Mode Vault of Glass) with a group I met on LFG. It was the host, a 29(What does that fucking tell you right off the bat?), a level 28, me at 31 and three 32's. THREE--SERIOUSLY, THREE (ONE, TWO, THREE) LEVEL THIRTY-TWOS (32'S). THIS WAS BEFORE THE UPDATE, SO THEY WERE EVEN HIGHER THAN ME AT THAT POINT. And not a single fucking piece of fucking inbred, dipshit retard asshole had ever played the Vault of Glass.



I didn't think about it until later, because I don't whore myself out for Iron Banner crap, but all I was saying to myself was "How do people get to level THIRTY-TWO without doing the raid ONCE?!?"


So yes, not only is putting the whole '32' thing necessary, you have to even ask for experienced 32's as well.

Because people are so fucking stupid.

I don't even play Raids any more unless it's with friends I know. A lot of times, even then I have to hold my tongue.

I don't have a problem with hosting n00bs. It's actually kinda funny watching them work. And getting Gjallarhorn on their first try. But like I always say--there's a time and place for not knowing what to do. And the Gatekeeper/Ir Yut's Lair AIN'T. FUCKIN'. IT.

im 32 and never done a raid. Granted didn't have enough friends or had good enough gear until now.
I was playing with a kid yesterday and he's 34. Has less than 90 hours played. Such shit. But honestly if I started fresh I could get back up where I'm at now super fast.. but I wouldn't have nearly the same guns
you could probably get to 34 in less ~15 hours of playing if you did story then nothing but strike playlist until you could buy the current vanguard gear then got lucky with etheric light drops.
It would be pretty tough but it's possible. Once you get that high, duplicate the same character twice and do the weeklys and PoE to get a massive amount of coins to buy everything from xur every week. Pretty much put 100 hours into the game to have almost everything you want...

yup, I don't know the exact amount of hours I've put in destiny, but it can't be that much and I got a 33 now, only 2 arena runs away from 34. it's the guns that are a problem really. I got lucky with an early gjally drop, and bought the handgun Xur had this week, don't remember what it's called. but I don't even have a legendary shotgun yet. once you're 30+, getting guns takes patience in my expierence

I have an etheric light from the lvl 34 arena, I just can't use it yet because I don't have a piece of armor worth using it on

weapons have been easy for me with HoW

since tuesday I've got:

thorn bounty, thunderlord, universal remote, acended icebreaker, acended suros, and acended badjuju.

where'd you get all those? obviously the bounty for thorn like you said but the others? PoE chest im guessing? Also if you guys haven't been too into playing crucible, i highly recommend playing it when you have nothing else to do. Every single game I've played since HoW dropped (probably like 20 games), at least 2 people have gotten legendaries so far.

Thunderlord from first big chest opening on P0E. Universal remote I think also came from PoE. Thorn of course random bounties. The rest I had the last time I played in ~november. Didn't even realize had the badjuju in my vault until probably friday.  That thing is shit tons better than when I first got it.

Bought a bunch of shards and engrams from xur to ascend.

Yeah, I started using bad juju when I hopped on again from my several month hiatus and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was keeping up in and PvE. A lot of people say the Red Death is the better crucible pulse rifle exotic but I much prefer the high RoF low impact bad juju. That might just be personal preference though. If you haven't yet, you should try and spend some time leveling two more characters because the first chest you open in PoE on a fresh character you are guaranteed an exotic.

I really should . I've been doing a mission here and there with my titan but just fucking hate doing story missions.

Well that and having shit gear lol.

yeah, once the allure of doing everything for the first time has worn off it's pretty tough to push your way through the story on alternate characters.
spence i wish you had a ps4 damnit
hahahaha sometimes I do too :p

first poe 32 run of the week and only get a fucking amethyst and queen sniper that I already have.

wtf I thought it was guaranteed exotic

wtf I thought it was guaranteed exotic

Sorry to say this--but when is anything in ALL of Destiny a guaranteed Exotic activity--except for the Vanguard Mentor Missive Exotic Bounties?

If your talking about doing a PoE run and opening a chest for the first time after a new reset and getting a guaranteed exotic, I think that was just a rumor.
I thought it was guaranteed also. I mean my first three chest opens were all exotics so you can see how I would be confused by it. Got two keys at the moment, waiting to get two more people to run with so I can use them
Got new hunter gauntlets and warlock gauntlets and an updated old hunter gauntlet so I'm not doing too bad. Want to buy a couple more exotic engrams to get a new titan piece but doubt I will get a new one
the very first chest you open on a new character you are guaranteed an exotic but outside of that there is no weekly guarantee.
I just got an etheric light from nightfall, I didn't even know you could get those outside the arena, sweet
You can't get vanguard bounties in PoE? How fucking stupid
Yeah pretty odd you get marks but bounties don't apply. 
Like the final boss was a cabal guy and I got 1/10 towards killing him for the bounty so I don't know what's up. They pick and choose what they want I suppose

I just got an etheric light from nightfall, I didn't even know you could get those outside the arena, sweet

you can get etheric light from the weekly nightfall, randomly from 32 PoE and guaranteed from  level 34 and 35 PoE, from trials of osiris and randomly rewarded from rank 3 and rank rank 5 iron banner rewards.

This new exotic fusion rifle is OP as fuck. Have a clip where I got sniped by it with fI'll health from a good 30ft away
I believe you'll be able to purchase one etheric light for 5000 glimmer once you reach rank 3 and 5, respectively.

This new exotic fusion rifle is OP as fuck. Have a clip where I got sniped by it with fI'll health from a good 30ft away

which one is it?

Probably talking about Queenbreakers' Bow
Yeah shit is OP as fuck. And rank 3 and 5 from iron banner for etheric light? I never have anyone to play with so I can't do the level 34 PoE to obtain it. And just got killed half way across the map with the queenbreakers. I know I was almost dead but fusion rifles aren't suppose to shoot that far no matter how good the range is on that gun. Fusion rides are suppose to spread out seeing how it's multiple shots pit into one. And seeing how the gun has barely any impact on it, you should never get sniped by it no matter if it had a full bar of range
It's essentially the Fallen sniper rifle.  Half fusion rifle, half sniper,  100% OP.
I watched a dudes vid of it doing rumble the other day. Went 25-1. Unbelievably OP
Ok so I have armor that's max 30 light now. If I use etheric light on it will it go to 42 or does it only work on level 36 max light armor?
you can ascend any legendary and it will go to max lvl 42. I used my first etheric light to ascend a piece of VoG armor.