Destiny Thread

Ah sweet. I have boots that let me hold more heavy ammo but they're 30 light so that's good news for me. And I'm gunna start adding random level 34s that play poe so I can get more etheric light. Also I'm not going to waste too much time playing iron banner because you get such an insane boost the closer you are towards the end of the week it's not even worth playing as soon as it starts (other than bounties)
These titan shields need nerfed. If a whole team is using them in iron banner, game over. You're not capturing B in that game. Too many orbs drop when you use your super so basically if the whole team uses it one after another you get infinite supers. And I'm tired of these 1 bar connection kids running around getting a lot of kills when you cant even shoot at his ass cause he's lagging too bad. Boot him from the game. Fuck...... and I keep forgetting to buy buffs to play IB
recently got destiny and the 2 dlc's for the xbox one. havent played since maybe a month or two after launch. primarily quit because the suros regime was op as fuck and i couldnt deal on matchmaking anymore. my irl friend convinced me to give it another try and its pretty fun, havent even done any new dlc stuff either. have a lvl 28 warlock and a new lvl 19 hunter, tons of new shit in the game though, have no idea what people are talking about half the time now.
so how do I get 42 light gear? Ascend raid gear?
ascend any legendary gear you want, it all goes to level 42 light. Also prison of elders unique gear is acquired at base level 42, same with Trials of Osiris gear.
Is a machine gun spree 5 kills? That's kind of hard to get 3 machine gun sprees.. I wish they would've just stuck with the 10 headshots with machine guns. They also need to have these special ammo boxes appear through walls. I don't know where the spawns are on these new maps and sometimes you'll be right next to it and it won't say the time for next spawn
I hate how they put special ammo on timers. Liked it much better before.
yeah I definitely agree. I can see why they did it, given that people were running around with their special weapons all game as their primary's but I don't think it was a big enough issue to make special ammo so sparce. 
I just wish they didn't change the spawns of the ammo crates. That was one of my biggest problems with it. And I was running so well last night in the iron banner. Got a scout rifle with less recoil and better target acquisition and a good fusion rifle (I don't usually ever use these but I was doing so well no reason to stop). One game I went 25-0 and I wasn't camping imo. Then 32 and like 7, 30 and 13. Sucks you can only get one etheric light at rank 3 of IB but now I'm a happy 34
So why does the Thorn take down 75 percent of my health literally every bullet? I understand if it wants to do a lot of damage but that much of my health from across the map is too fucking ridiculous. This needs nerfed badly
what playlist are you playing in?
IB. I have maxed armor. Sometimes I'll get shot once and have like 2 percent health left. No way ever kid is popping off headshots with this thing across the map. And I'm a titan also. And I'm rank 5 for ib. Can I keep buying etheric light? It still shows its available but I don't have 5k glimmer. If that's the case I'm farming glimmer like a motherfucker

Wish I had some 34 friends to do PoE with.


Your faggot ass is on the ps4 aren't ya
got to rank 3 with iron banner late last night and picked up my second etheric light, popped it on a random armor peice and now I am 33 and a half. hopefully with this week's nightfall I can get another etheric light and get to 34!
You on Xbox or ps4? I got to rank 5 pretty easily so I'm saving my other etheric light for something, not sure what I'll use it on yet. And I deleted my hunter and made another titan. Going to delete my warlock also and create another titan. I never do the weeklys with them so might as well delete them and get more coins, materials, etc
woot, did the 32 PoE and got my armor core. Lucky for me the only piece of armor I didnt have at 42 light was boots and variks is selling boots this week so I picked those up and now im 34!

Your faggot ass is on the ps4 aren't ya


As someone who didn't play when TDB was current I'm pretty happy to have just gotten Black Hammer.  That thing is great for grinding strikes.
I got that to drop on my first Crota's End run not knowing that it was one of the best guns from the raid. People I was running it with were pretty upset with me haha. But yeah it is so nice.
One etheric light from 34. Never been this close to max rank before. 

Ive been trying to solo the nightfall myself to get some sort of challenge out of this game. The last two weeks were easy but this week I kept fucking up and was having trouble.  Did it first time with 1 of my characters no problems only died once in the beginning only got a legendary fusion rifle. Ran a second time with another character and kept dying right at the end about 8 times and all I got was the shitty Universal Remote...

Down to play some PoE with anybody whenever im free or even run some VoG or Crota. Hit me up! GT: Vizionair 

Im a level 34 warlock ive done the raids on hard many times and PoE 32 a couple times and 34 just once. Havnt been able to run skolas yet.

Chris you Xbox or ps4?
Im on that xbone 

damn you

Need niggas to do the raids with. I've yet to do one

you should be able to find plenty of people here Al,

You guys see this shit yet?


Would be so fucking pissed if had a thorn bounty open my god
Get rekt'd 25+ times 
Nice one lil dude

The fact that Luke Smith mentions another chest in VoG makes me think there's still one people haven't found.

So I found this game on Amazon for $20 so I figured I would try it out again(played the first day it came out). How exactly does the attack/defense work in Crucible? I got to a 28 pretty fast but I still am not sure on how everything works haha. I feel like a lot of players don't really have much of a long range game. I get killed by shotgun or the Thorn and Last Word almost every time while I'm just using my scout-sniper combo. 
Attack relies on impact in pvp while your guns damage matters in pve. As far as armor goes, it works in pve but it's useless in pvp unless you're playing the Iron Banner which is an event that comes around once a month

Got to 34 last night using the gauntlets from variks. feelsgoodman

Kind of want to pickup the feedback fence but heard they aren't that great