Destiny Thread

They're not doing it until the new dlc in like two months? Holy shit that's gay
Pretty excited for TTK. Got the console preordered from amazon. Selling my current console to brother so more or less only out $40.
yeah I feel like they are doing a lot of things right with this expansion
glad to hear 1-40 will be xp based now. Sucks having to choose gear based solely on light level rather than perks/looks
agreed, i thought it was weird that max level wasnt based on xp in the first place.
So armor won't have light anymore? Man they can't make up their minds with this game

you have to remember it's their first endeavor into a rpg like setting. You can't always get everything right on the first try. 

Also, Xur has TLW this week. Score!

really good and pretty funny interview between luke smith and some game informwe guy

blizzard got it right? very first try. and with BL, and with WotLK.


weird, seems not tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


These new exotic armors suck dick. Especially this weeks. Gain another jump after double for the hunter? They already have a triple jump. The fuck is the point in that. Also if they have levels 1-40 be gained by xp, does that mean we can use multiple exotics or are we still just wasting our time
you get an extra jump on all of your jumps, so your doubles jumps get a triple and your triple jump gets a quad. Also I fail to see how leveling up switching from light to xp has anything to do with being able to wear more than one exotic. I beg of you, please make one single post where you don't bitch about something in this game. 
You must be new here

I just want them just to have the HoW exotics. Probably never use them.

also, tlw smokes. Really like it so far.

Finally got a Dead Orbit shader at rank 25

Light level will still be a thing just not for what your rank number is. Itll be crucial for what kind of content you can actually do and it will be for how much damage you do and how much damage you take in.


And those boots I think are more for exploration, getting places that are hard to reach. I know a lot of people were trying to get them and were happy it. Nothing that really interests me on my hunter.

I suggest people who havnt had the chance to use TLW before, get use to hip firing because it wont be that good after the nerf unless you hip fire close range 

Apparently radiant dance machines and the mida are a good combo. Need to try it sometime 
MIDA fucking rapes man goddamn. My Kd skyrocketed tonight while using it.
got the invective bounty tonight. grinding out nexus strikes to complete the first part
why the hell is killing a vex with a melee not considered a melee kill wtf?
Make sure you go to xur this weekend to pick up that gally ;) 

I just saw. Stokeddddddddddd

​going to farm coins this weekend to get 2 

Busted a nut--bought three. I just sat there crying



Been playing since day 1 and have never gotten a drop. I get to mess with it for a month before it gets nerfed. woo fucking hoo 

I fucked up this morning. Was thinking that xur gave strange coins for motes of light. Started mashing x to get extra coins.

Lost 10 coins before realized wtf i was doing


It can get confusing on what he's exchanging if you're not paying attention. Still have yet to get on and buy one
Welp got two gjallys and the Nothing Manacles from Xur. I'm happy.

Welp got two gjallys and the Nothing Manacles from Xur. I'm happy.


Nothing manicles are OG 

I had some motes and decided fuck it. Got those and the ahamkara? spine
Just started getting back into this game again. Prison of Elders might be my favorite thing about the new stuff, I find it super fun. Started leveling up my other characters now.
Got the gjally to 365. Ready for skolas


live stream starting now of the taken king 

Just the changes to the tower have me stoked. Love how they're handling exoticsa and emblem/shader vaults.


I don't understand why they're nerfing exotics that they aren't even going to bring up to the Year 2 attack value.
because not everyone will be getting TTK. So to not nerf thorn just because it wont be TTK upgradeable is a slap in the face to the chunk of people who don't plan on getting ttk
i wish some of you were on ps4 so we could skolas