The World of Warcraft Thread

Tell us how your raiding or pvp experience is going. Share your UI's and transmogs. Complain about your class. All WoW talk is welcomed!

Here's my UI that's basically entirely made with different scripts from this thread on Arena Junkies. The only noteworthy addons I have that you don't see are OmniCC, Photorobot, and Diminishing Returns. I know I can use Bartender instead of a script to move my action bars (especially to hide the 2 right bars), but it conflicts with 2 of the scripts I got from the AJ thread.

Really miss playing this game.  Fell on my face with the failure of ESO.  Never was an uber player, more like a screw around while having a few beers kind of guy.

Prob would be so fucking lost, two expansions later. BC was my fave.

anyone still play this? lolol
M8, I still play runescape. this game has always been too complex for me.
no way this game caters to new players so much now. kinda takes away from the fun of it all though.