I'm Looking for a Halo 3 MCC Octagon Partner

Aim is what sets the pros apart from other players, and it takes years to develop because it's a motor skill. On the other hand, strategy, tactics, teamwork etc. are just as important but only take months to learn. In other words, most decent halo players know as much as the pros relating to tactics, teamwork and strategy, they're just pros because their aim is godlike-anyone can have good teamwork. Halo 3 takes the most skill aim-wise out of any halo game. You have to lead your BR shots and snipe shots at long range. The snipe doesn't have a high fire rate as much as halo 1 and 2, so missing with snipe is more devastating in halo 3. So, aim is the determining factor along with teamwork and strategy/tactics in having the characteristics of a pro. Aim is more important because it takes years to develop, other than strategy, teamwork and tactics which can be learned in a matter of months. Octagon is the most efficient way in halo to improve one's aiming skill. Octagon in halo 3 will overall make your aim better in all other halo games and any other FPS that is played. Why? Well, Octagon in halo 3 is very challenging and will develop your aiming skill a.k.a. your hand-eye coordination. Your hand-eye coordination is applied to any and all FPS games you play, and since halo 3's octagon is very difficult to aim in and impossible to master, it'll take one's aim to the pro's level in only a couple months. For example, if you played halo 3's octagon for a few months and played halo 5 when it comes out, your aim in halo 5 would be godlike right off the bat because of the practice in halo 3. 1 month of octagon is equivalent to a year of matchmaking. Add h1tman sn1pezzz if interested.
Where did you learn this? In trollogy or broscience?
Interesting logic. I agree with some points especially in terms of shooting in H3 is more difficult but I think your logic on how that will translate to H5 is a little flawed. I hop between H3 and HCS when I play MCC and its always an adjustment when I have to lead my shot and when I dont. Even when I switch from H3 to HCS it still takes me a game or 2 to get used to the way to shoot. So just practicing H3 might not be the might the best idea.  Not even going to get into you saying that your shot is much more important than how you play. 
Look at it this way: which scenario would your shot be a lot better? (given the same person for both scenarios) a) 1 year of HCS experience and no H3 experience b) 1 year of HCS experience and 1 year of H3 experience. Case b would be the better player and have a better shot because of the Halo 3 background which would make his shot better in general. This is assuming halo 3 is the only other FPS experience both cases have. The same scenario would apply to halo 3 and halo 5. If you had about 6 months of halo 3 exp and I had no H3 exp and we both played H5, you'd have the better shot and be a better player. Playing octagon would make your shot better in all halos. Of course there is an adjustment period to get used to the aiming system of the particular game, but once you adjust to it, thats when your "base hand-eye coordination"  would kick in. Base hand-eye coordination is simply the skill of your mastery of your controller's analog sticks, a.ka. how well you can translate your aim and movements onto the screen using your eyes (screen) and hands (analog sticks)
Thats not 100% true. There are plenty of people who don't have a good shot at H3 but just have ridiculous shots in other games.  I think you're just a little more biased towards H3 as am I but by practicing just H3 only for your shot won't get you a big jump into H5 or as big of a jump as you might think.  You can probably get a bigger jump if you played any halo with high competition that way you work on more than just 1 skill. 
The reason those kids have a bad shot in Halo 3 and a good shot in others is because they've played way more of the other games than halo 3.  Having a good shot in an easy game like halo 4 doesn't mean you'll have a good shot in halo 3.  There are so many variables to consider. That person could've been in the adjustment period, their warm up game, or just having a bad day. you're right, one should work on multiple skills other than aim but aim is the hardest one to master. In halo 3, I've met kids who have been playing h3 for 7 years and still don't have as good an aim as some semi pros/pros. Octagon would increase one's universal hand-eye coordination and give some kind of jump in halo 5, no telling how big. The first players who are gonna go pro at halo 5 are the halo 3 pros (snipedown, naded, etc. ) because they have so much previous FPS experience a.ka. hand eye-coordination, strategy, tactics and teamwork (as you've said regarding other important skills).
I'm up for it, honestly--I think Octagon is pretty fun, especially with Instant Respawn on. I'm a dino, though....so that might turn you off.
Remember me? My answer has not changed. ;)
@Morpheus414 , @Jumping Harc oh my god, cool. you have no idea how hard it is to find an octagon partner, ive been lookin for a year now and still have yet to find one (until now). i could play octagon all day, its something i truly love. i just need a partner who's dedicated as well and one who doesn't mind playing for hours on end/all day sometimes. but, since most players are a spartan, could you please change to a spartan during the practice sessions? im sorry, i just want to get used to hitting spartans, not dinos since most of my competition is comprised of spartans. its complete practice and one month of it is like one year of matchmaking. my gamertag is h1tman sn1pezzz, add me please

@Morpheus414, @Jumping Harc ill be on today and tomorrow.. well, everyday. im extremely dedicated.

add me back my GT is FastLikeDar
ok, im doing it now
My response was a little bit sarcastic. I'm Jul 'Mdama from Halo Archive.  I don't have MCC unfortunately. 
@ Jumping Harc, i have a 360 but i dont play it anymore. id be more than willing to play with you though if youd be willing to play 5-10 hours a day of octagon? thats the kind of dedication im looking for