Fallout 4 Thread

Where is that shit?? Oh wait its right here


about 24 hours in. Love it

Never really played a fallout game before. Picked up f3/nv during a steam sale. Tried nv but shut it off after 10min. Not sure if it was the game or playing on pc but just couldn't get into it. Loving FO4 tho. It's cool to not be in a real hurry and just explore.

One thing that seems odd to me is no switch weapons button. Going to the dpad is too dedious.

Other than that tho I'm really enjoying it, despite dying a lot lol

never played a fallout before, picked this up on release day and ive got about 10 hours into it. enjoying it so far but it hasnt blown me away. cant quite understand what the extreme hype was about. seems like a less cartoony borderlands to me
have you played any bethesda game before? 
tried skyrim but couldnt get into it. I think that's bethesda right?

I'm liking it so far. Pretty much everything I expected. The dialogue/story is a lot worse then 3/NV so far but the combat is a huge improvement. Also the Sanctuary building workshop thing is pretty cool. 

Game is hard as hell though. I find myself constantly low on ammo and health and I've been playing on easy mode. 

^ Been watching reviews and gameplay on Tube, been hearing that a lot regarding difficulty.  Stopped over at Twitch, Fallout 4 viewers are hovering at 19,500. For contrast, Halo 5 viewers: about 300. 

Been playing a lot. Level 23.

STR 5, PER 4, END 4, CHA 5, INT 9,  AGI 4, LUC 2. I dump most perk into INT, AGI and PER. I carry around the Silenced pistol, .308 Sniper, .44 Magnum, .45 Rifle, .38 pipe rifle and the combat shotgun.

Started my second character. First one is level 45, build is stealthy, high INT, helpful to people. My new second one is level 11. Playing this one as stealthy mercenary, still high INT, higher CHA though then previous. Ruthless all around. 
It's cool living living in Mass and being able to recognize most of the places on the map. Fenway Park (Diamond City) was an awesome idea.

What difficulty are you guys playing?
I started out on normal but changed to very hard.

I'm trying to finish my sneak sniper build (level 24) - using Overseer's Guardian at the moment.

Was at normal at first, but once all my guns went 100+ damage I changed it to very hard for the challenge. It gets boring 2 shotting super mutants after a while. My main character I run a .50 sniper/long distance night vision scope, 10mm silenced pistol (the one you get from deacon), Overseers Guardian,  Le Fusil Terrible, Kellog's Pistol and a the Ashmaker minigun. Also a Fat Man for those pesky deathclaws. All are 100+ except for the minigun and suppressed pistol which is in the 60s I think. 
Anyone using the merchant glitch? I was reluctant at first but after doing it I don't feel it has ruined the experience. 
Good game but doesn't have that draw that past bethesda/obsidian games had imo. New Vegas will always be #1 for me.
Yup I am. Every merchant I got to I always do the .38 glitch to get enough caps to buy all their ammo and weapons. Anything I don't need I just put back in my settlement,
Managed to get my second character to a 45 now too. I think I'm gonna make this one my main. Sitting on 16k caps, max romanced Piper, Cait and almost done with Danse. I'm only one mission into the Railroad so I've barely touched the storyline. 

I'm at level 42 and maxed out most of the perks that I use.
I need to start clearing the quests faster because I always get sidetracked looting everything.

Level 28, haven't made it to Diamond City yet...
There's nothing really decent in diamond city. you just have to go there to move on with the main story line. I use to go there all the time to stock up on Ammo until I joined the BoS
Level 52 and beat the story mission. Waiting patiently for the DLC. I chose the minutemen because their name represents my high school nickname
Shit I just hit level 52 as well. Still doing the storyline on my second character (which is now my main character). About 3/4 through the story. Taking my time this go round
Go into the Institute.. feels like I beat the game. Shauns age didn't make any sense to me. Just using the IGN map now to find all the locations

Go into the Institute.. feels like I beat the game. Shauns age didn't make any sense to me. Just using the IGN map now to find all the locations



Go into the Institute.. feels like I beat the game. Shauns age didn't make any sense to me. Just using the IGN map now to find all the locations



Yeah but I thought as soon as Kellogg took Shaun, we were immediately released. That's what confused me
Nah, you stayed frozen. What threw me off is Kellog's age. Cause he looks the same through the entire 60 years. But the Institute put some synth shit in his brain so he never aged. Also the whole going into Kellog's memories was really cool, not the mission itself. But his whole monologue during it gave me feels.
Maybe I wasn't paying attention in the very beginning to think I was immediately let out and unfrozen. Also at the part to pick sides between the Brotherhood, Institute and Minutemen. Shit sucks. I don't want to pick
One of my friends sent Dogmeat to the Red Rocket gas station. I was smiling for hours.
Dogmeat is the GOAT. Also I'm near lvl 50 and have yet to rank up my armor or gun mods perk

Go into the Institute.. feels like I beat the game. Shauns age didn't make any sense to me. Just using the IGN map now to find all the locations

TBH after the twist I lost motivation to play the game lls, it doesnt help that the story with the factiors aren't that great.

I kind of did my first playthrough after I beat the story, but replaying it with a different character build just made it more fun. I took new directions, dialogue options, factions. Still really fun to me. Also if you have powerful guns I'd reccommend turning up the difficulty. I'm on very hard now. My sniper does 332 damage. It's the combat rifle that shoots 2 projectiles at once (not the overseers guardian, I found another one in semi-auto). Changed the chamber from .45 to 308., threw a long range recon scope, marksman stock, large quick reload magazine and a long barrel. It's fucking insane. My gauss rifle does 400+ too. Having it on normal was no fun. Challenge yourself. 

I went full railroad my first play. My 2nd character is all brotherhood. I'm a dick to everyone, sarcastic and I always ask for money when it's an option. Can't wait for some DLC. I think I'm like 800/1000 for achievements too. I passed level 50, now at 55 but didn't get the achievement yet for reaching level 50. I'll admit there still is a lot of bugs in the game, but it's not game breaking. 9/10 tbh fam, wish the main quest was a lot longer than it is. I'll post a full detail of my stats tomorrow. 

Nick Valentine has been my companion the whole game. I would literally die for that dude
Piper is almost identical to my dead wife. Weird.
Piper is best waifu. I like Curie too but she is so hard to romance. 
I dont know if I can replay this game as a different build. It just doesn't have any replay value and this story seems so god damn short