Fallout 4 is coming !!


An announcement is expected to be made in 22 hours. The hype is real, it's finally happening.



Witcher 3 will still be the better game.

I saw the news! I can't wait. 

Hopefully ESO will hold me off until then. 

Sozkilla r u rdy

I've been waiting for Fallout 4 for years, just replayed 3 and NV last month.

I r excite 

Witcher 3 will still be the better game.
Witcher 3 is a hell of a good time

now if you'll excuse me, I'll be fapping furiously.

Fenway Park.

I hope we don't play the scenes they showed before the bombs went off. Flashbacks like that are super cliche and boring imo.

"War. War Never Changes."

IM SO FUCKING HYPE. We get to see gameplay next Sunday !!!!

So when is the release date? 
People speculating November, but we will probably find out next Sunday.
Holy fuck. Fenway is one of my favorite places in the world. I'll be hyped if you go there in the game



Also, I hope you all preordered your Pip Boy Editions because they're almost gone. 

>tfw android

>tfw no Fallout Shelter


The shit is addicting