The Current State of the Halo Franchise

Hello everyone!

I wanted to collect some information from each and every one of you to see what aspects of Halo you like the most. The questions are simple, and please feel free to share this poll and make any suggestions for questions that should be in here.

I will most likely be running it for a few weeks, and I will, of course, be posting the results once the poll is complete. Thank you for your time!

didn't u do this in r/halo ? did the post get deleted?
This was neat. I've always been a fan of 343, but that's because I was always a casual Halo player. Nowadays I see the problems that need to be fixed and this was a good way to get that voice out and about. I hope this was from 343 in secrete or if it gets to them. I know they want to make Halo better. Maybe this will get them moving in the right direction.

Love the multiplayer side of Halo nowadays - Halo 5 has my favorite multiplayer since Halo 3. I think the storytelling/campaign needs to  be better though. I've barely touched Halo 5's campaign since my initial completion, compared the vast amount of time I've invested in other Halo campaigns.

Also not a huge advocate of the heavy focus on Halo e-sports (controversial opinion, please don't crucify me). I much prefer to play Halo casually, and would like to see some more 'casual' maps. 

Just my opinion though.

Agreed. I think they did a fantastic job on the multiplayer compared to the atrocity that was Halo 4. (This is my opinion on that game, but lets be honest lol.)  Halo 5 was a fun game but it's not "Halo." Bungie knew exactly what they were doing and that’s why people still play their games. They had the formula worked out perfect and created something timeless. As for the story, the way I see it Chief is still floating in space.