Looking for an editor! Old Halo 3 clips + Some MCC H3

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would like to edit some of my clips. Some clips are MLG, non-MLG, multi-team...some of them are really good and some of are okay..I never got around to releasing some of these clips so I'm trying to find an editor now. All clips except for maybe 2-3 have no angles. There is roughly 57 clips. Some dating back to 2010 lol. If you would like to edit them, just message me and I'll link you the clips.
If nobody picks this up, I don't know what anything is anymore. Stormy is the GOAT
In theory, I'd say yes but my work ethic these days is laughable at this point. But, on the other hand,  I'm in the middle of reinstalling all my shit for the 50th time since I fried another SSD so if I can get these other two vids done (i.e. started) soon I'd definitely be down. We've talked about it before but never really got to it haha
^ BLCK you should definitely do this
Managed to find an editor now.. :)
Ooh alright, that's a bit of a feat these days. Who is it, or are you keeping that a secret for now?