Why did you choose The Halo Forum?

Hey pals

I'm a gamer who's played Halo (before you ask 3 is my fave for obvious reasons) for as long as I remember, and I'm lucky enough to be doing a study on video games at university. Basically just wanted to ask 'why did you choose to join The Halo Forum?' - I would be mad grateful for any replies to this thread 

(the boring stuff now)

The study I'm doing is basically to find out why people use community forums online, with a special focus on online gaming (as that's what interest me, and is probably the most important type of forum culturally right now in terms of research). Any responses will be anonymous, and you'll all get pseudonyms in the final paper.

If you don't mind giving me like 1-2 minutes of your time I have a 10 question survey here:


It's super quick and easy! If you have any questions about the study, me, life, the universe please PM me!

(this is quite important to my degree and I know I can rely on gamers to get stuff done)

massive thank you! smiley

I joined the forum here in 2008 because I was looking for a place to discuss a game series I had loved for years and share videos I was planning to make. There was plenty of videos for me to enjoy already, and these just added to the motivation for me to keep playing the game I loved and strive to make videos. Eventually, I got more and more active, and soon enough I was a part of the community. I was a part of the group of guys I had pretty much idolized in years prior, and I had grown to love producing videos. It's something I enjoyed throughout multiple halo games. Starting with halo 2, my favorite, and into halo 3, reach and a bit of halo 4.


When the master chief collection came out, there was definitely a lot of buzz around this site, and many people had come back to be a part of something special. It was nice to see old friends, old video makers, and classic members who had come back. But imo, I joined on the tail end of what was a great era for this forum. From 05 to about 09 this place was wildly popular and a great interest to many of us who were early adults.


I think it's safe to say that this place was a huge influence to many halo players, fans, and regular casual gamers alike. I know it's the case for me, and looking back, this has been perhaps the best thing for me as a gamer to be a part of. I may not have realized some things about life in general had I not formed relationships here. This place has been a great community to be a part of, especially when it was more popular, and I couldn't be more glad that I was a part of this place for almost ten years now. I liked it so much I cracked the top 10 in overall posts. 



I joined the forum as a halo fan, and I took away a lot more from this great place than I ever thought I would. 

Because this place used to not suck.
stave off suicide.
Grew up watching Halo and Halo 2 montages. They often marketed sites like H2F in the intro of the videos and I thought why not check it out. I played the Xbox Halos up to Reach but mainly played the first game on pc. There was such a large userbase even we as a Halo PC subforum had an active community. Lurked on the graphics section and whatever that was called where they posted lots of random questions or trash talk. Many bored teenagers like me, good times haha. I ended up making lots of videos too, even though I first was gonna make only one or two. Halo is a fun game.