Best way to record H2 cinematics?

Title says it all.

Is there any way to record fly-cam in MCC?

Hello there.

As far as I'm concerned, there is currently no method of recording a "fly-cam" angle via the MCC.  There is of course the oddball glitch that allows you to record a decent portion of your screen without the HUD shown.  However, even with this method, it doesn't allow you to freely fly through the map such as in Halo 3 Theater Mode.

The best option by far for H2 angles/cinematics is via the Halo 2: Vista game on the PC.  There is a program that you must run externally called Blu Trainer.  This program alone will allow you to roam around freely in the air to capture desired angles.  However you'll need a decent machine to run the game at a stable FPS.

If the H2Vista option is out of reach for you, I'm sure players/members of the H2PC community would be willing to capture your desired angles without a problem.  Hope this helps you out.


Yes, Xander is correct. If you want to record with fly-cam on Halo 2 you would need to use H2V and download a program called "Blu-Trainer" which can be downloaded here" (download Blu Trainer K2). Also, you may need to run it as administrator (right click and run as admin). and if you don't have Halo 2 Vista you can read about how to get it on the site.