The Halo Lounge (Youtube Channel)

Today, I am happy and proud to announce along with my good friends, Reid18, Art Sensitive, ZRTROOKIO, and Phurion, the launch of a new YouTube channel! A channel that will be designed as a go-to place for Halo content and act similar to how FBWalshyFTW and Airguitar901 did.

I still to this day feel that channels like FBWalshyFTW and Airguitar901 play significant roles in the Halo community. These channels were a place where you could count on seeing some of the latest and greatest Halo content posted frequently and not only did these channels allow people to simply watch a montage, they also would inspire people to improve, create their own content, and also helped promote the content creators and their channels individually.

As some of you may know, both of these channels haven't posted in quite some time, with FBWalshyFTW's backup channel last uploading almost 10 months ago, the main account 2+ years ago, and Airguitar901 not posting for over 4 years! This is something that is very bothersome because there has been so much great content that has been made over these time periods and have gotten but a fraction of the attention that they deserve. My hope is to have a channel that can live up to even just half of what they did, bringing everyone to one spot to watch quality montages, minitages, gameplays, tutorials and more, while at the same time promoting the creator's channels! Not only will we be posting new content, but also every Thursday posting a throwback montage.

We are also partnering with "Halo is Back" and will be hosting some of the Halo is Back 2017 Montage Contest entries on our channel as well!

So, without further ado, I present,

"The Halo Lounge".

*If you have something you want to submit to the channel, please upload it to a common file sharing website such as Google Drive,, or Mediafire and send it to us either by Twitter DM @TheHaloLounge or email it to us at

Link to channel:

Yooo you managed to get my m2 back on youtube. Nice one man

Will definitely be interesting to see where this goes.  It all depends on management, and honestly I don't know is this group of admins will work out. I guess time/channel growth/views will tell!

I'm all for the idea though, the halo community's been missing an active community page for a long time. It's a tender balance between posting just the right amount, keeping a consistent content stream through hot and cold periods, projecting a certain positive tone into the community, and probably other shit too. Best of luck, fellas! I'll do my part to support

Don't watch too many montages these days but I wish the best of luck to you guys and the channel, this is what Halo needs. Subscribed!

Thank you guys for all the support. If you want to download the current intro to the channel, you can do so here:!Qwt2BKCa!Ls4Tm3EKMuHMxmgKc1t-IOw3g56CeQhPwivaU-YOzMU

Brilliant idea guys.

I hope you will be adding some proper old school montages and not just the usual fare. I will PM you a couple see if your interested.