And it's on Steam! 

Biggest Halo announcement ever. Hopefully this revitalizes the Halo community.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
Yea I'm surprised it's coming to pc and even more surprised it's coming to steam.  Hopefully it doesn't suck, just the other day I was playing Apex and thought man I really feel like just playing Halo right now. 
I just hope it works better than the current MCC on Xbox One... Steam workshop integration would be great since there are many custom maps created over the years that surpass the quality of the stock maps. Would be great to play those on MCC.

343 finally delivers on something fans have wanted for years and act like they should be praised. I also can’t believe they have the balls to charge people for Halo Reach’s campaign... If you’re excited about this I’m happy for you. I don’t own a PC so none of this effects me, so I still hate this company.

And yes I signed on, for the first time in forever, just to complain. 

That is all. 

I'm pretty excited about it. It will have a large influx of twitch viewers and traffic to the game, that's for sure. Lol I wonder if Ninja will hop on since that's what he used to be good at. If so, it's an instant success. 

Ugh I feel weird talking about Ninja since I kinda hate him now. But it's relevant. 

Might be cool, i think ill get it. 
Yeh me too

Updated! Thanks for the information.


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The game will be extremely tough game to play against M&K.  But will bring in a lot of new 'bots'  into the game whenever they do decide to integrate cross-plat (eta 2022)

I also updated. Thanks for giving the information at the right time.

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I'm excited. Reach is IMO the best looking halo game  so I'm excited to see it 4k 60fps