Restocking Halo reach

Hi everyone! ;)

I am a great French player with Halo Reach. Halo 4 I particularly disappointed with my team, so we stay in the hope of reviving this game. :)

We are a team founded in 2010 on H3, and we operate in any field including the competition because this team is in transition to become a structure. But we have a small goal :

We will revitalize communities on the game, it is possible, should the world, but especially motivated. Not forsaking the game! The biggest gift Bungie before their bye, honor those who we have created the game.

We recruit, please come! The average age is 16 years, for my part I'm 17 and I'm the leader, I already was in clubs for the competition so I consider to have a very good (especially team). We make videos, we have a forum, so feel free to come home!

We recruit anyone, as long as it is mature and honest (this is our success): P

GFRA Reven

I probably French, but we must prevent the maximum anyone! Thank you to America !

Let's get together!

I'm not a fan of Halo: Reach but there's plenty of people on this forum who are. Hopefully you find what you are looking for!

Good luck.

Fixed up the image for you, cool initiative, good luck!

Thank you, you're right, everyone has an opinion and we respect . Thank you for supporting us ! We need the world!
Holy croissant, you're the frenchest frenchman I ever saw.
Ive been playing alot more reach lately, I cant lose in rumble pit. I am the master
I have noticed some changes in the number of players and Marksman, I did not understand your sentence :)