Looking for Halo 2 classic players.

Hey guys its been a while since Ive posted here lol. I dont know who all is still around but Iam looking for a couple guys who are decently active on halo these days (long shot lol) 

GT = Cha Cha ChangeZ

if you are down for customs add sk0ls is lit
You know ya boy 'bout it.
the return! i dont play much h2 but ill add you later
Batman!!! Ya still gaming a bunch these days man? I have no idea whats going on with the community anymore, anybody running clip of the week and shit still? Ill add everybody in here soon

I'm active for at least the coming 3 weeks and who knows maybe longer if I get decent clips & enjoy it enough.
need a new group for costums as well; add: CyP proty

I also just got Halo 2 back and would like to find people to play customs with! Plz add me I have no one to play with at the moment! =D

GT - l Slash RF l
I dont play as much any more. I'll have random periods where I'll play a lot of MCC then periods where I dont touch it for weeks haha. I added you btw im thank yeezy.