Best Render Settings for Xbox One Upload Footage

Title says it all, please help :) I'm working with Sony Vegas and trying to figure out the best possible render settings for pushing out videos using the Xbox One's upload features. Thanks in advance! <3

What process have you been using? Downloading them from Onedrive? I've been downloading my clips from because it's a bit easier to navigate IMO, and it's been working pretty well. Its already in mp4 format which should play on just about anything.

As far as render settings, you can play around with it to see what gets you the best quality, but here are mine:

  • mp4 format
  • profile: Main
  • constant bit rate: 10,000,000 bps (10Mbps)
  • audio bitrate: 384Kbps
  • video rendering quality: Best
  • everything else default

Does that help?

I'm using OneDrive at the moment but I'll give XboxClips a shot and see if there's any noticable differences. I just always feel like after I do the final render on a video the quality goes downhill dramatically. I'll try your config and see if it helps any, thanks! 

what i use, xbox one dvr is 720p 30 fps btw

Xboxclips is really nice, you can just search your gamertag and it automatically pulls up all of your latest clips, which you can download directly. It updates pretty much immediately as well. I don't know if Onedrive has changed since I used it, but when I first tried it out I found it a bit of a hassle. Xboxclips is a nice alternative.

The DVR feature itself uses some pretty heavy compression as well. Most of the 30 second DVR clips I have downloaded are less than 20Mb, whereas clips of similar length recorded using my HDPVR are easily 2-3x as big (40-60Mb). I guess it makes sense because my HDPVR records at a bitrate of 14Mb/s, and on average the DVR clips are like 4-6Mb/s.

You can't beat a capture card but the DVR feature is super convenient and the quality is actually fairly respectable.

edit: you can try variable bitrate  and that might be more size efficient. I've had some problems with VBR, where a few seconds at the beginning and end of the video would be heavily compressed with lots of artifacts, so I switched to CBR and that fixed it.