THF MCC Gamertag List

Wugums - Spirit Mode (H2, maybe H3)
Morpheus414--Pretty much anything except racism and Zombies/Tower of Power.


Slopia - Slopia (H2 and H3)
Zethic Live
Amanai - Amanai
PLaTaNo - DiRtY PLaTaNo (H1&H2 Classic)
Allanon.  GT: i allanon i.  Add me for MCC matchmaking, generally play Wednesday night and one night on the weekends. 
TheMetalReeper - H2C, H2A
H2 chad. H2 customs and mm
GT: RECONZ FFA (Halo 2,halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo MCC) I prefer FFA's
GT:  EPstudy
I Dkahre I
I think this list should be updated.  Some of the GTs are wrong and people are on there twice. 
GT: Shining Games: Halo 2 and Halo 3
iTz OnEsHoT - MCC (Let me know what you wanna play, mostly into Lockout FFA)
GT: Stu Bleezy (H2A, H2C, HCE)
Wugums - H2 Wugums           (updated)
FSD 7oriiiiReid

unheeding - unheeding 


Outspread, pretty much play everything.


im on most week nights and can't get enough middy or lockout FFA :D



always down for lockout or middy!! Add me

dont know how alive this thread is but NonFrozenCube

Halo 2 Classic Hardcore or Customs


Andrew- Dr Peepook (Mainly H3 / H3 customs)

Lntec (Lowercase L)

H2 Classic, Hardcore, Custom FFA/anything fun. 

Fairly active 

not sure if im on here but gt is vHeLiX, down for h3 mainly but i play everything besides h2a/h4
cCaveIVIan - CaveIVIan (two i's) down for anything h2 classic 
Anyone wanna play some Halo 2 1v1s? gt SeaVomit

GT: Infinity Dutchy 

I'm up for everything (Both MP/Campaign) except H2A and H4 MP. 

Kblocker - kblocker

Add for anything, but mainly for titillating conversation while we destroy/get steamrolled.