THF MCC Gamertag List



I need people for H3 customs

Sensei Maverick (Halo 3)
Can you throw me on the FFA list? I need some east coast people to FFA wif

My gt is CrushTheTitan

I've been playing halo since 2005.  I'm a bit rusty, but I really need some people to play with.  I feel I should let people know about my personality type.  I have a quick temper, but I'm very loyal and understanding for the most part.  I may fly off the handle every now and then, but it's just cuz I want to win so bad.  I'd like to meet a patient team to teach me the ropes of teamwork.   I'm not all bad, I'm also hilarious and will make you laugh one way or another.  lol. 

GT: Vizid

gt: Savagr

I'm just looking for people to play matchmaking with that aren't concerned with ranks. Invite me if you're tired of kids with no thumbs on your team or just need to fill a spot. I may or may not plug my mic in depending on how lazy I'm feeling cheeky

Favorite playlists (in no particular order) are: team snipes, H2C, Team Hardcore, H3.

I'm also down for H2/H3 customs.

KhRnE - KhRnE

H2C: MM & Custom FFA/4V4/2V2/1V1

Add me yo, thomasxp5. To General and h2 ffa.
sleepvvaves / ANYTHING MCC (mostly, FFAS and 'MLG' customs) add me! :)
GT: Light Returns (H2A/H4/SWAT)
GT: CrushTheTitan   I've added plenty of people that are never on or never wanna play together.  I'm super laid back, I'm not gonna flip out if you suck.  I'm pretty good and I don't mind playing with people who arent that good.  I would just like to have people to play with that have a mic.  That way we can get a little strategy going.   Add me and we'll have some laughs and/or own some people in this game.
You could toss me on that FFA list also.
Idk if I put anything in here already but yeah invite for Halo 2 FFA, 2v2, 1v1. 

Redwall - GT: Adversitive (Halo )


GT : L3Oniii 

Add me for H2 and CE :)


Snipers and H3 mostly

H2 FFA and Halo MCC in general.

GT: Stommpy

trying to get active in the community again

Mine is now, and has been for awhile, Llama Spits
Add me to both lists! 

GT - l Slash RF l

add me to it all.

preferably original halo 2 lol

Worthy - Worthy Murks (H2 Classic, MLG Customs, MM)

Idk if I put anything in here already but yeah invite for Halo 2 FFA, 2v2, 1v1. 

just bumping myself, I'm on almost everyday and literally play customs more than matchmaking. I have 400 followers and like 700 friends so I'm really fucking active. I spam the shit out of invites and always have Midship FFA going

H2 all day

ill add you. i just got off for the night but ill be on tomorrow. im lookin for customs and people who play mlg customs. i just gotta get this quad shotting down on this one version lol
Add to both Im Mr P

GT: xShelton​  (formally as xRiPSaWx aha).

Looking for people who are still playing H2C! 

Simbified - Simbified (Halo 2 customs, sometimes h3 customs)
Anyone on here still going for 50s in MCC?
Anyone playing h2/h3 customs or matchmaking should add me asap.
Yeah sure, im not too high ranked though.

Yeah sure, im not too high ranked though.

That doesn't matter.  As long as you have a mic, we're good.

Could you add me to the H2 FFA list? GT - Typhoon v1


Do people still play? This list should reset because most on the list don't play mcc anymore. :/

feel free to start a new list
Add me right now, I'm playing at a lan center: FLIPPERS16