Your Favorite Moments on Halo with Friends on the Forum

Probably playing with RIP/Kenpachi, he was my first friend on xbl who was an OG here. Our 1v1s were legendary. Also realizing Scott is a god. Mattiz also known as i love keystone, he loved a montage i made and we played a shitton of halo just messing around. Id sing ushers love in this club with verocity. Him and my og dutch friends made halo 3 fun. Mansell, dunno if anyone remembers him. We met through Phurion i think. Dude was nuts. Playing with folks like Kblocker and Jered8laze was the shit, i really liked having a persona with the videos i loved and they were chill as fuck. Playing with xyox post server shutdown. Theres loads more but these came up as being very related to the forum, not just folks id have played with anyways.

The moving ball technique never forgets...

1v1 with Terv. Good times

RunzwithGunZ throwing up mid 1v1 while he was drunk and underage and then yelling, "OH MY GOD I PUKED IN MY ROOM!" so his mom found out.

XY0X and I hitting the best 1v1 clips of our lives for 2 hours straight while we were both on winter break and unable to record.

Pretty much 1v1's and 2v2's were my favorite part of this forum. It was basically like having a conversation with someone over a 2 hour span of time while also playing a bit of Halo.

KBlocker was the first person that I recognized in Matchmaking from THF, and then we played 1v1 after and he demolished me. About 11 years later we played again and I hit a few clips + won... redemption arc felt nice.

Converting Phurion to an elite + him hosting all Elite customs for a week was awesome and hilarious.

I'm sure there are more but that's what I can think of off the top of my head :)



@RIP ‍  Wow.. now thats like a 12 year callback right there haha


@HAble ‍ we always had laggy connection, i think i made a video about it once on some latin music

Haha I remember that video, good times my friend :D
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