return: death frenzy | H2M3

Middleschool graduates rap battle yo

oops forgot one,

holy shit man. no one cares about your irl credentials.

this is a recent picture of you:

halo montages are pretty set as a genre and using the "muh art is groundbreakin' u cant understand me cuz u dont do what i do!!" argument is egotistical and shows you have zero willingness to take any minor suggestion as improvement bc no one understands poor you, the innovative and technical artiste. The need to validate your irl self to validate making shitty edits while telling people "y'all can't recreate what i make!!" speaks volumes about your ego. you're also telling your haters "don't like, don't watch!" which is eventually gonna limit your audience to adhd kids with naruto avatars and 99% gif tumblrs that think that getting high on youtube-induced epilepsy is a thing.

doesn't take an expert to know campbell's soup is p salty

doesn't take a degree in psych to know you're insecure af about the "low effort" and "apathy" you have about creating montages

what do i know, im just some randy that dont hang with nba players and bitches

but if you reply to this you hire prostitutes as therapists

bruh, that looks juuuust like me 

holy fuck. i cant believe you can read people so well.

“Money is something that can be measured; art is not. It’s all subjective.”
– Jerry Saltz

“Art is subjective” – we hear this phrase quite a bit, particularly in response to someone that has made a disparaging comment about a particular artist or piece of work. While the statement about subjectivity is true, what does it actually mean?

We all know what art is, or at least have a fairly good idea of what it is; the textbook definition of art is “the expression or application of creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” So that makes sense… but then what does the word “subjective” mean? It means that an individual’s reaction to something is based on and influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

So there you have it; art – which is created for beauty and emotional reaction – being appreciated by individuals, using personal feelings and tastes to form an opinion.

The important word in that last sentence is “personal”, because any type of art speaks to each of us in very different ways – even multiple people who might appreciate the exact same piece of work. For example, a group of individuals standing in front of a painting may all agree that they appreciate the artwork. But each one of them will appreciate the piece in different ways and for different reasons – no matter how subtle or broad those differences are – because each of them has had different life experiences that have brought them to that place and point in time. Like snowflakes, no two people are exactly alike – even identical twins will still have varying subjective opinions and thoughts on things.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve always found any type of “professional critic” within the arts to be a strange thing; sure, they can be trained with years of objective schooling in all the elements and basic protocols for a particular style of work… but no matter how long they have been reviewing and studying art, their opinion is simply that; it’s _their_ opinion – a subjective viewpoint – based on personal taste and feelings. Their viewpoint and opinion on Chagall’s brushstrokes, the latest rendition of “The Wiz” or Justin Beiber’s latest hit single is still just that; it’s their opinion, and should be regarded as such.

“Art and life are subjective. Not everybody’s gonna dig what I dig, but I reserve the right to dig it.”

The bottom line of this official kick-off post is simple; don’t let someone else’s subjective viewpoint sway your viewpoint, when it comes to art; your mind knows what moves you, and your heart knows what it loves… and if your heart loves Justin Beiber music, put your headphones on, crank it up and dance like no one is watching. If your heart loves the works of Van Gogh, go to a museum and study his paintings, from 10 feet away and from 2 inches away, until tears roll down your cheeks. Don’t be bashful, don’t hold back – LET ART MOVE YOU. Let it move you to the very core of your being; that’s what it’s there for… that’s why people labour over it, and spend their lives creating it… it’s there for you to take in, to appreciate and to connect with, on a very personal, individual level.

And if you feel really inspired? Make art yourself.

if anything that is my target audience lmfao

and if you want a pic, just ask bro. im a pretty bitch

i spent all week waiting on my super 1337 halo montage making tools and you guys are ruining it

and i was going to ask kanye for some montage tips after the show, but i guess ill have to let that dream fade

since wanny made fun of my flip cam im throwing these in the trash

and I guess Ill just give these away since i built these solely to make you 4 people happy with these dope ass trap edits I know you guys have come to love and enjoy

now I just have to find what to do with this free time since you all have shown me the light. i think im going to work on my 'IRL' self so that when people walk up to me and tell me how bad they dont like my youtube videos i didnt have them watch I dont cry myself to sleep in a corner.

heres a recent video of me. no one cares about my online credentials

Wow you go to concerts that look and sound exactly like your videos! Nice!

basquiat in heaven, i hope you know some kid that makes eyesores for the sake of making eyesores and likes bragging about his phat stax is comparing himself to you because he's catching some flak for making eyesores


ps if you ever meet madonna you should tell her you're the next basquiat by showing her return: death frenzy and harambe.mp4

"blackout we don't like your video"

"Oh ya, well check out my phat stax"

you ever taste hypocrisy? its sweet, yet so salty. 



Haha you looked up my address...I'm legit dying over here.

Well as much as I enjoy the stalking, I guess it's time to block you.

I have no idea what you're talking about. All I know is there's a lot of people in that area that fuck with me.

Holy shit, I'm eating literal popcorn and drinking tea and having some good laughs at this thread. Y'all really pulled out all the stops on this one, I appreciate possibly the biggest irl flex I've ever seen on

Thanks to all for brightening up my night

Is this real life?

son, the joke flew completely over your head and you played into it.

your rigs are so cash

see ya around basquiat 2.0

brb I think I need to get an AIDS test now.
It's called South Park came through in the RL.

people still copypasta 4chan in 2016?

this thread is still going?


I don't quite understand exactly what's going on in this thread but I would like to say a few things. 

While there are things that I believe are objectively bad about the editing in this montage, I respect the effort and attempt at doing your own thing.

Your response to people's criticism really makes you look like a sensitive moron.  I use to be pretty sensitive about this kind of stuff and I can understand where you're coming from and your need to defend something you worked hard on but all it's doing is making you look insecure. I don't see how the fact that you own yeezy's is relevant at all other than adding to the argument that you have a severe lack of aesthetic. 

Also you're not a better editor than Fatal.

Ofcourse this is just my opinion.

I don't quite understand exactly what's going on in this thread but I would like to say a few things. 

While there are things that I believe are objectively bad about the editing in this montage, I respect the effort and attempt at doing your own thing.

Your response to people's criticism really makes you look like a sensitive moron.  I use to be pretty sensitive about this kind of stuff and I can understand where you're coming from and your need to defend something you worked hard on but all it's doing is making you look insecure. I don't see how the fact that you own yeezy's is relevant at all other than adding to the argument that you have a severe lack of aesthetic. 

Also you're not a better editor than Fatal.

Ofcourse this is just my opinion.

I forgot to add you to that list of people's who's stuff I actually like. On the response to the video, I could say like-wise to almost any video that's been posted on this site, there's a lot of stuff you use in your style I'm not particularly fond of but I respect the creativity and flow. 

And this thread is definitely not about my response to crit, this is a response to the same people trying to troll me like on everything else I post after saying 'this is the last time I'll comment on one of your videos' each time. Literally, go check every video I've posted. That's why I didn't enter the whole montage contest thing, for this reason. To be honest, it's kinda fun though so I let it drag on. 

This pretty much sums up the situation.

Idk why you guys keep coming to his videos to hate on his editing. You should already know how he edits, and what music he uses. Without people doing different things then the montage scene would be even more stagnant than it already is.

Maybe because he posts his videos on a forum where the entire point is to respond in the thread?

Lol...the montage scene has been going on for a long time (and even more so outside of Halo) and I've never heard people say "I wish we had more awkwardly edited videos, montaging is getting stagnant without it"

Because you're just a cynical asshole... plenty of people talk about how dead the montage scene is. It's not about making videos for other people, it's about making videos for yourself to enjoy and to SHARE. You come in here whole heartedly ready to bash him. Instead of talking shit you can just, not say anything. I know it's the internet and all. But trust me it's possible. You know you're not going to like the way he edits, but yet here you are... EVERY FUCKING TIME.

It's not like any of this was out of the blue. What really set it off was Wanny PM'ing me some bullshit and getting caught up in his own hypocritical ideologies. I'm pretty far from sensitive, but if someone provokes me I'll shut that shit down regardless. What's insecure is trying to downplay someone every time you see them put something up knowing full and well what the outcome will be. Then making the assumption that you're right about a substantial point because you have one person backing you. It's pretty ignorant. 

Now, what would be understandable is if I came in like 'fam im the most flame muthafuckin editor this or any other fuckin world has ever seen watch this shit and leave only positive reviews or im gonna fucking shoot you'. But that's not the case. I posted something I made as a side project and two self proclaimed internet sensations came in to give their 5 star rotten tomatoes yelp reviews like their critiquing the at the mona or sundance festival just to do what they always do - until they can get a reaction.

When I make something, it's cool to give your review. You can say it's bad, fucking terrible or that it's amazing. In all honesty, I really don't care one way or the other. Although I appreciate people enjoying something I made as any artist would, what I would appreciate more is someone that doesn't enjoy it giving an honest opinion while weighing the obvious facts. Like A: This isn't some grand presentation or monumental release, I was just bored and wanted to get rid of some clips I hit recently. B: If you've already said the same thing 5x before and received the same answer it'd be pretty fucking dumb to say it a sixth time. C: I'm not looking for any commendations, accolades or approval for anything I post. If I said I posted just because I made it, it means just that. You don't go on instagram and post on every starbucks cup saying how the damn composure or framing could've been better. Or how someone should've used a lower f-stop on their damn snapchat. Like bro, I truly don't give a fuck but if you talk shit continuously I will not hesitate to shit on your life, remember what you said 5 months later and give you a detrimental life event for thinking you can be a keyboard warrior and say certain shit like you can't be found. Anyone can be touched and anyone is easy to find. I don't post up for long internet arguments but if you're going to shit talk me and then bring 'IRL' into the convo trying to shit on me.. lol I'm going to show you whatsup.

And about the Yeezys, I mean, you can't say they're not aesthetically pleasing. I understand that a lot of people hate on Yeezys but the Pirate Black Boost 350's are definitely a very clean looking sneaker. But moreover those posts stemmed from Wanny attempting to insult me saying that I'm somehow going to be stuck making minimum wage and doing low budget work because of old pieced together footage he saw. And then attempting to assert that assumption by displaying his so called credentials, so - after having already told him what the deal was, and showed him - I just had to do it again because he wanted and audience. They're more of an investment/collectors' item as that is why I posted them after he claimed I was; for whatever reason, lying about status of not occupying my mother's basement - as he so eloquently put it, and falsifying my assets.

And I disagree, Fatal is in no way a better editor than I. Although he may play more to your own, and broader audiences' taste; I don't believe he is in any way more knowledgeable or flexible when it comes to creating content. But at the same time, I don't really put much effort into anything unless it's an edit for someone else. But just as I never said I was the greatest, I never said he was completely trash (at least I don't think I did). But when I think of the more talented or even creative editors he doesn't really pop into my mind personally. Idk, maybe I under appraised him, I'll go check out some more stuff he's made but the only potent thing about his work I can think of has been his meticulousness in color grading. 

Now here's an idea. I've actually proposed this before when the other multitude of people went out and said they were "better", but this would actually be kinda fun. How about us editors have a contest between ourselves. The community pools clips, we edit to them and have a poll. No rules, no bullshit. Maybe like a deadline but that's about it.

Yeah just what every editor on this forum wants to do with their free time, make a useless project.

Their already is a comp going on, you wouldn't have made it past the first round. Get it through your head.


lol that wall is crazy 

not the best way to defend yourself after someone calls you insecure imo

this is still happening?

my point exactly

and wanny i thought you blocked me. guess you're not consistent with anything you say.

Anyway, your girl say anything about me? I kinda feel like chubby chasing while Im out midwest.

Hahahahaa this thread was fun.

I remember not liking this edit at all back in the day but it must've been memorable because I thought of this vid yesterday in the shower and decided I'd come dig it up. These tages are basically 30 minute edits and that's pretty crazy to me

I literally just came here to find the link to H2F and saw this on the front page lmfao but nah this vid is actually the one I spent the most time on because I had a bunch of new toys to play with and some ideas I'd wanted to experiment with. The 3D work and render times were actually crazy long when I made these and learning how to use depth cuts without demo files like they have on CSGO and MW2 had me spending a lot of time researching and experimenting with different stuff.


TL;DR - Anyway, the videos I made in 30 min were the ones I did when vom got banned that one time for having porn in one of his videos or something hahaha

I made those all in the same day. And this one I literally threw together in 30 min waiting on a custom game one time

good times, good times