Tocnik :: Borderline :: A Halo 3 Snipetage

I spent A LOT of time & effort on this project. Hope you enjoy :)

Your transitions are incredible. Narrows into Snowbound, Guardian into Narrows with the bullet casing.
Effect at 4:09 is pretty cool. I really liked the coming out the camera at the end, but running over to the sword room felt like a waste.
A couple months ago skols was streaming with tez on Ghost town and I told him that I wanted to see someone hit a clip through that hole on the two clips at 5:23. So it was awesome to finally see that haha.

Some nice clips in here, high multis, bounce shots, 360 shots, etc. I'm not a great judge at H3 clips, but it was definitely enjoyable.

Really impressive shots, I sucked at H3 sniping so to me shit like this is impossible. Good edit on the video too, glad you took your time on it. My fav clip is maybe the one in Ghost Town at the beginning of the credits part.
Thanks dude! :)
haha thanks!
Insane accuracy man, like pretty much every kill was a snipe. Really solid vid 
Very Nice!
been awhile since I enjoyed a snipetage, good stuff! 

That was such a fun watch. Loved the transitions.

All the clips were great stuff as well!

Nice job!