Wafflebrains and Elite C56 :: Rephresh :: A Halo 3 Montage

Hi everyone.  This is Elite C56 and I's sequel to our dualtage Phresh.  Originally we were going to be making this a tritage with Wezlet and editing by the amazing Orphanslayer, but unfortunately Wezlet's Xbox broke and he lost all of his clips and Elite and I lost interest in Halo.  I recently got back into Halo after being inspired by some of the recent mind blowing videos the community has been churning out (especially Trevx64 and Behr) and wanted to get enough gameplay to finally release this video.  Wanted to give a big thanks to A Swanky Lemon for capturing the Xbox 360 clips, Ishii for uploading this to the FBWalshyftw Returns channel, and Trevx64/Behr for inspiring me to get this finished.  Hope you enjoy and thanks for your time.



<3 I loved it guys! Do you both still play for fun? I kinda want to make a super tage with a few people at some point with all of our best clips even if they were already used, you guys both have a bunch of legendary clips :) That banshee surf troc and all of the half in vehicle/half out clips were awesome! THIS is what makes me want to play again haha, love seeing those old school BTB clips
Finally it's out! This was just what I expected. The chill editing went perfect with your style of clips. Loved it. Some of these clips were super sick. Good job fellas.
This is insanely good.
That super tage idea sounds dope.  I don't really have any of my older clips around but I have everything from Rephresh so I can definitely contribute if you want :).   I occasionally hop on MCC every now and then but I'm probably done with playing regularly
Amazing gameplay dudes. you guys are the best