H2 Classic Minitage #8

What's up folks?! I was super hung over today so I spent some time going through some old clips, cut some new ones, found a cool beat and made this. As always with these minis, the clips are just leftovers. Didn't really do much editing, just tried to sync it up at some points. There's a couple CE clips in this one and a good variety of the usual. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for watching!

If anyone feels this is worthy of being FPd/shared in any way, please do.



Nice vid man, you're a beast.
Chris i gotta be honest your highlight/leftover videos are one of the only bright spots when it comes to videos on MCC for me. You're one of the only dudes to maintain great pace and dexterity on each clip and i just can't get tired of watching these videos. Excited for the big stuff to drop from you, and it won't come soon enough.
Thanks guys! Steve I'm really glad that after all these years you're still watching my minitages haha. I love making these smaller videos. 
so simple, so clean, i loved it
Good stuff. When you drop your next vid I'll be sure to check it out.
Thanks dude. Be sure to check out my next montage, better gameplay and I heard the editing is going to be awesome!
Lots of good stuff in there man.  Wish I could pull off half those plays.  
remind me to tweet this out tomorrow