I Love Kanye (MCC Mini)


(YT video muted sad but here^ is the link to a vimeo upload)


Due to copyright the video was muted so I had to upload it to vimeo :(  I worked pretty hard on this video and didn't want to scrap it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Any ways this is just a short video consisting of Hardcore and Snipers clips. Hope you guys enjoy.

that was dope, i think ive gotten maybe like 5 H3 TS snipes clips in all of MCC, but then again those times were the only times I went for clips lol. I always dig your gameplay tho and all hail yeezus

you should be able to appeal that because it's a remix and the original track, they'll just say you can't monetize it.
i never go through the trouble of doing that though so yeah..

and on the yeezus video, my drive got wiped either from getting the d from microsoft on the preview program or someone went wayy out of their way to zero day me.
the thing is the drives hit were my main ssd and my backup drive and i dont keep any work/project files on those. I have pretty much everything backed up but restoring the project would be hell. if you wanna send some more stuff for a mini that's cool w me. I just have a few projects I have lined up first.

but ill say i have some ratchet af tracks im saving just for a yeezy tage

Okay I might consider appealing then thanks for the heads up. Go ahead and take your time on the yeezus video. I cant imagine the amount of time it takes to pull off all the effects you do. I can send you a few more clips as well. 
This was pretty sweet! Lemme get a download link!
glad you enjoyed it. check your pms for the dl link
yeah i worked on that vid for like 3 days straight, getting the 3D right and I actually bought some new effects just for that intro. But it's cool, I have a good bit of spare time and most of my stuff is backed up. I'm just super lethargic when it comes to putting all my plugins and settings back lol
that was wicked.
So sick man. I love minitages, and you did it right