Sniper vs. Laser :: H4 Dualtage featuring de Medici II & Staybilize

Hey Guys, Staybilize here. I made a short dualtage featuring some of de Medici's H4 Snipe clips and my leftover laser kills in H4. I am not an Editor or something I just felt the urge to get some of our H4 clips out before Halo 5 drops. My good friend Dakyner helped me a lot on this one since I was only able to capture and cut the clips. Thanks in advance for some feedback or views.

For not calling yourself an editor you did a fine job with this ;)

major props to both of you for the unique gameplay. Major points in my book for the Daybreak clips and extraction multis. And did you really have a leftover laser 341 and over exterm? You're crazy man. More pls <3

thanks mate:)<3  yup these were leftovers haha :D   halo reach laser montage will definitely drop in the future but i have to wait for my editor to finish his current projects before he can even start with that:) but i'm also planning to do some H3 Laser minis or edits and of course H5 stuff