Andrew is XXL Final Halo Video (Halo 2 gameplay)

No sad story or anything like that. Was stoked for the MCC and played it a lot when it first came out, but I wasn't enjoying myself like I used to and simply stopped playing completely. I still play a lot of games, but I'm just a PC master race type of guy now.  All of these clips were from the first 1.5 months of the game's release, so I know they will be pretty weak to the stuff you guys are doing now.  I would have liked to have at least a decent video thrown together, but I couldn't get any of my friends to commit to that - and that ultimately led to me sitting down today and throwing all my clips on a timeline and making shit happen (I know I didn't do that good of a job, but it is what it is). I guess that's about it from me. I know a lot of people do "final" videos but then are right back on the grind, but that isn't the case with me. I haven't touched a system in ages, and in fact I sold my XB1 a long time ago. No need for shoutouts or anything like that: there are a lot of cool people around here and a lot of shitty people, and I've had a lot of fun times with many of you.  I'd say see ya around, but I probably won't. Keep slayin away.

Good video, enjoyed it.

Wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

Awesome sticks and clips all around. The last clip was particularly cool. 
loved the music choice. really wish you would have used the full song instead of the instrumentals especially for blame game, which is one of my favorite yeezy songs

It's a shame that MCC didn't turn out to be the game everybody hoped it would be. 

Anyway, I thought the montage was pretty slick. Loved the launches, some nice RRBX clips in there as well. Overall, very enjoyable. Nice work!

I really enjoy watching your gameplay given the fast sensitivity and in general your movements are quick which I find entertaining. Sorry to hear that you're done with the game, but you're definitely not the only one I know who has given up since MCCs release. Anyway, good watch. Good luck have fun.
Shoutout to you five rockstars
Clutch snipes and that last kill was dope $$$

Creative clips, simple editing though, however the clips made up for it.


Great video, good luck.

Finally got around to watching this.  I enjoyed it.  
Very solid, especially considering that you only played the game for a little over a month. God like sticks.
Finally got around to watching this - Dope clips, loved the music choices too. Sad MCC didn't work out but as you said, is what it is.
You're welcome for the knowledge of how to do the last clip... on me.