Swanky: Halo 4 Montage 4

Yep, I finally made another big video with my own gameplay. This has been all the clips I hit since March up until November. I heard the songs in March and started planning back then, wanting to make a unique H4 tage that put an emphasis on map variety and unique shit rather than just giant multis. I even stayed up all night two nights ago doing the sound, and I actually wanted the forum's feedback on some choices that I made. Overall this is the most effort I've ever put into a video and I'm extremely proud of what I made. I expect some flak bc Halo 4 is a weird game, but hopefully you can still enjoy the editing and some aspects of the gameplay regardless. Enjoy!


Nice vid man, the 4fer1 trocity in the gauss cannon caught me off guard, don't think i've ever seen anything like that before

This is like.. beautiful. And very unique. I watched it twice. I love how you use the old multi kill sounds and the HUD coming in and out. There's something about the first clip where you shot three times and didn't get a kill and and then hit the next four. I don't know dude. It just flowed super well and set the tone for the whole video. I loved it.

Also, I have never wanted to play H4 so much in my life.

perks and armor abilities ruin alot of these clips for me but the video is put together nice 

Duuuuuuude this was insane! The buildup to that ragnarok over into tac was fantastic. The tage had a perfect mix of every type of clip you could want. From low sick multis like that haven prediction triple to str8 rape naires, it had it all. (I must say, I was also shocked when you stuck that poc coming out of the gauss hog. such a ballsy play!)

Super, super impressed with the gameplay and editing. Definitely your best product yet I think, and one of my favorite h4 videos I've ever watched. I actually enjoyed the flow and the music so much, I wanted the vid to be longer. But there's something about it being short and sweet that makes it so satisfying as well. I think it just felt like the tage went by so quick because I enjoyed every sequence so much. 

I hope this gets the views it deserves man. I don't think people quite realize that it's harder nowadays to get the kind of clips you got as opposed to the h4 Biscuit, Proxy Hero, and others played imo. There's just more competition nowadays, and it shows in your clips, especially since yours are more of an arena-style. Anyways, awesome job man!

super enjoyable. I love that first clip, too. Missing three shots and then hitting four in quick succession for an exterm. As mentioned, that 4 for 1 warthog trocity was nuts and just a well edited piece all around.
Theater work and transitions were super smooth! Beautiful vid, Swanky.
that was fuckin nuts. first h4 montage ive ever watched tho.

Awesome video @A Swanky Lemon ‍, would you mind PM'ing me a screenshot so I can front page this? I'm going to give Outlaws a couple days on the front page since I just added it today, but after that I'd like to put this up as well.


Oh wow, nice job!

Thank you for this Swanky, you're vids are so enjoyable and truly inspiring, and M4 totally came trough on this status quo :D Amazing edit as always and the GP was stellar too, you are very aware of the ridic H4 standards and how quickly people are turned off by the game, but this didnt feel dull for a second :) Every clip had something outstanding going on, especially loved the naires and the gauss destruction. 


Good shit man, turned out really well :)

Wow, thanks so much man. And thanks to everyone else's nice comments on this gameplay. I know Halo 4 is a bit of a black spot for this community but I was determined to paint a pretty picture for my favorite Halo game. It's also the most personal depiction of my gameplay I've ever hit also, since I tend to play a lot more Team OBJ, Heavies, and Snipes than I do BTB. Plenty of these maps/gametypes are never/rarely seen in montages, and that's part of why I wanted to include them.There's lots of cool shit that's really only possible in H4, and while I still didn't hit everything I'd hoped for, I hope if nothing else this vid has opened peoples' minds into H4 a lot more than before.

And yeah, I thought about doing 2 songs as well but I just didn't have enough top-tier gameplay, and have always been an advocate for lean 4 minute tages with carefully placed gameplay more than 8-10 minute tages with a bit more filler. Thanks for the praise, as always I guess. This is the vid I've spent the most time on and also the one I'm most proud of.

@Phyto ‍ and @Neurosis ‍ I'm glad you two enjoyed what I did with that clip :) In truth I missed plenty of shots in these clips but cut most of them out lol. I'm glad you both enjoyed the tage.

@Lambee ‍ Thanks as always, I read some of your comments on my early early stuff and I'm sure they've informed this somewhat. Glad you enjoyed my angles :)

Thanks to everyone who suspended their opinions of H4 to watch my tage. It means a lot to me and inspires me to keep making videos.

damn the graphics in halo 4 are truly amazing.  Great montage, I honestly don't know how to express my thoughts cause my english is so weak but ur video was so polished. i loved it. 


btw the color correction on ur tage is incredible.

Dude this was beautiful! I'm by no means a Halo 4 fan but I love what you did with the song choice and transitions. Jumping out of the exploding guass to continue the multi was my favorite cinematic moment by far, but the way you presented the gameplay after the lapse in music was sick too! Awesome video :)

Oh and I liked the way you had the hud fade into the video. Definitely going to steal that if I ever make a video for a game that has theater. 

btw the color correction on ur tage is incredible.

I'm pretty sure there is no color correction/grading in this video.


i thought there was a bit of gamma increase or something like that

maybe h4 just looks great, idk cause I haven't played it in ages..

Close, but actually I reduced the saturation just 1 or 2 percentage points and I think gave the midtones like 1 percent of an aqua twinge to give a cool look rather then warm, which I've done on many past videos. And then increased the shadow exposure just a point or two as well, just bc.

But yeah, overall the look is extremely close to raw footage, and I wanted it that way. IMO not enough color correction is 100x better than too much color correction. We've all seen horror stories of too much CC whereas plain GP is a lot harder to complain about.

This was some sweet shit, Swanky! That last naire and a lot of those beginning clips, so good. I liked this one a lot. Nice work. I think the editing was pretty well done too.