Mad Wannabe :: Aski - Halo 5 Montage

im legit overwhelmed by all the stuff there is in here

(btw my english is shit cause im from argentina)

im obsessed with @Hyena ‍  but in the negative way, makes me so mad the shit that hipster hits. so obsessed that i decided to start sniping myself.

i been playin halo since i was 4 (halo 1 split screen matches with my older friends), 15 years ago. I kept playing ever since, every fucking game. What I want to say is that im actually decent (ranked diamond 4 or 5 in h5) [used to beat onyx cunts on ffa till the population died(finding games in argentina is complicated)]. got bored of tryharding and stopped playing halo for a while, from time to time i would play but just to chill. sometimes the mcc or warzone or btb. retarded stuff. 

Few months later. December arrives and for some strange reason i rewatch hyena's Mastery tage. but this time..i don't enjoy it. it fucking starts pissing me off. Cause i cant hit shit with the sniper. so I started grinding my ass off trying to improve my sniper game and recorded the journey.  iim still shit btw, but I improved a lot. srsly. 

I consider myself a decent vid editor, but  I made this in a day  sorry (clips are from h5 and the xbox dvr, dont cry cunts)

some of the montages i see in this site srsly demotivate me, cause im shit


im a low sens hyena wannabe


I fucked it up with the color correction lelllllllllll
Hahaha lul. Wtf did I just watch?? This was cool though. I'm just confused.


the idea of the video, was to show that I used to be shit at sniping in halo and after rewatching some of hyena's videos I got so frustrated that I grinded my ass off to improve. Those are some clips that I got while I tried to improve. 

The clips are mediocre at best, but I used to be soooooooooo bad. I should've recored more clips of me being shit to show how much I improved.


im glad u enjoyed it

That lego pit map tho
Dang homie, that's some serious improvement. Keep this train goin'