Halo 5 "QUAKE" (the most fun i have with h5)

Introducing H5 QUAKE.


Game modes: QUAKE FFA, QUAKE 1V1, QUAKE 2V2

 Map and game modes can be found with the gamertag: TwistedEyeErnes or by their original names.

Too bad that you can't rocket jump with basic health amount hahhah.
If you are inspired to do your own map, please keep in mind that only weapons that should be used are:
Assault rifle (extended mag)
Sentinel beam (safequard)
Plasma rifle: brute: halo 2: (scale of soirapt)
Beam rifle
Rocket launcher

Music: Quake 3 Arena - The Phat Zero K Measure

did u accelerate the speed of the gameplay video? or is it really that fast paced?
Nothing is sped up, this is the actual gameplay.
Looks fun and the video was solid. really liked the mid air rocket kills (even though there were many of them)
Would play this if I had xbone. Good work.