Golden Truth :: A Halo Dualtage by Mau5 and JTD


Today I proudly present, after way too many hours in vegas, the long awaited dualtage ft. gameplay by me and the infamaus Mau5 ( )

Since our gp is pretty distinguishable, I decided to leave out the names on each clip. I got a couple multis in there, just look for the 6 sens ;) General rule of thumb on the 2nd part: slow methodical orginal Gold by Chet Faker is my gp, Flume's upbeat remix is equal to Mau5' fast gameplay :p.
Anyhow, we hope you enjoy!

Seekae - Test & Recognise (Flume Re-Work)
Chet Faker - Gold / Flume - Gold (remix)

Wow, this was even better than I expected. Gameplay was all over the place in style but it was all top notch! A couple of my favorites were the god nade at 1:40, 3v3 over on venomz, watchy, and proxx, last resort launch snipe (!!!) and assembly jaro that came outa nowhere. Also loved the snipe around the corner on orbital, hahaha that made me smile :)

Truthfully the edit reminded me a little of myself, with lots of zoomed in angles that were really photogenic, and that's a good thing (I think.) I had no idea you were this good as an editor! This had lots of fancy masking transitions that worked really well, notably when you switched over to H2 and I was like "whaaaa" Honestly I'll be watching this many more times just for how good looking you made the edit. As far as how to improve, the only thing that stuck out to me was two snipes that were really really off sync with the beat and the visual which was a lil confusing.

Amazing tage man, really really inspiring.

Thanks for the kind words Swanky, "The edit reminded me of myself" made me giggle like mad, but its honestly the most satisfying comment to get haha :)


Ye, if I set the mind and time to it I can actually produce something worthwile, and this was long overdue (about 5 months of Anel (mau5) asking me how far it is lol). I always end up setting a deadline thats still too close for all the issues to be polished out: having watched this like 30 times I notice about 15 audo errors to begin with lol. Also kind of new to velocity, but its a learning curve!

Again, mad thanks, and a very happy new year btw :) May 2017 give you the sleekest cinematics :p

Hey guys, great tage. I've posted this on the home page, great work!
There were some really nice and creative plays in this! Dug it! 
nadeshot tac on guardian was fucked, dope videos guys
Thanks Nv1, means a hell of a lot :D

Yooooooo this tage was cleeeeeeeeeeean!!! I really enjoyed pretty much every part of the tage, the cins and edit were very aesthetically pleasing. I really likes how the clips mixed with JTD's jump antics and Mau5's noice ass snipes :] good jod guyz 

Cool tage brah.  Sick hips and hops. Nice snipes and some smooth editing.