Chops IV | A Halo Montage - N00bSlayer


I proudly present, Chops IV.

Mother fuck that was entertaining. Also, typical Canadian connections that your mic cuts out and you lose a valuable snap chat because of it.
Damn... that was long af. The little trick plays were great and the video was funny and entertaining. Great vid man.

That was soooo good.

Fucking loved it.

When I started watching I thought I wasn't gonna end it, but it was so entertaining I couldn't stop watching. The 26 minutes passed so quickly. Great vid man

Amazing video. So many great moments.
Nobody has more fun playing Halo than n00bSlayer. Nobody.
Somebody gonna FP this yet? I'll leave my full thoughts later when I have time but I'll just say this is one of the happiest halo videos I've seen in a long time.

FP this thing PLEASE!

will just post my Yotube comments here I guess, I was pretty excited haha.

OMFG this is a special kind of super montage. it's genius and also kind of genuine too. Music selection is on top and again the variety in clips is phenomenal. Good play,fails, live audio bits. the part with Melissa and Majestic ooooh man I'm laughing my ass off. 6 dudes watching you play demanding nudes of her hahahaha and she was like "your buddies better get you hard" xD. I'm at 12 minutes now but I had to write this. of course i will watch the rest and rewatch it for sure. That sticky launch on turf was SICK haha. More people need to see this. Got to say the excessive use of Nigger of the one kid is kinda sad. Noobslayer is your second name Iron-Maiden-in-the-80s ? because you bring out milestone after milestone with your montages.

How the fuck you get girls to send you snaps by talking radom shit in matchmaking xDD . Transition on epitaph brooo. forgot to mention the rocket kill spin on High Ground in my first comment, itwas amazing aswell. I would say your montages are a great depicturement of the fun you can have playing Halo online in so many ways, love it. The use of all the map exploits and jumps are sooo fucking great and shows why hyena likes to play with you right? :D Banshee flip splatter <3 We probably won't play together the following years either through timezones and shit but I'll let you know I will stay a fan of your work :D . so 2021 Chops V I read?

26 minutes im not watching this 

skipped through it and heard biggie smalls and a bunch of little kids

god i love this site 
Why is this still not FP'd?
Loved it! These kind of videos are the best, you can feel the fun of playing Halo B-)
Classic, still need to do a full write up for this at some point, FP'd
this was amazing man. got me entertained for the full 26 minutes. gameplay was stellar, loved the live audio bits as well, always great to see those. especially these, hearing you and a bunch of friends go nuts on mm put even a big smile on mile face. music was also great, and loved the angels (editing overall) as well. definitely an inspiration for what im working on now as well.
Oh man. This one was hilarious. Great gameplay mixed with people who just don't understand and N00b tryin' to pick up the hunnies. I love how all the girls in this sound like guys doing girl voices. Aahh so good. Amazing video.

I can not even begin to describe how much I enjoyed this montage, It reminded me why I have spent countless late nights playing the game.

This brought back so many good memories, I thought at first It was going tot be a chore to watch the whole 26 minutes, but after the first 2 or 3 minutes I realized I didn't want it to end.

I will be going back and watching this from time to time for sure, this was one of the most enjoyable montages I have watched In a very long time. GREAT JOB