I dare you to post your first montage

I'm sure this type of thread has been done before but I'm new here so I thought It would be funny to post at least mine.

I'd never thought I would share this but fuck it



I was 12 when I did this..pls don't roast me


<3 STA

I wish I still had it.

unlucky, I deleted loads of my old videos..I regret that so much.. Luckily I kept this, its great

Serious frag movie time. It had music from Final Fantasy and the movie 300 lol.


Yeah, you're about six months too late. XD
First thing I ever had a clip in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0sShDRO1X0

Not sure how to embed the video so here is My first montage

I was so bad lol but the nostalgia is real. The 1v1 sticks, my first exterm, my first overkill in MLG etc.


Actually this happened first but its not a montage but its what got me into mlg since the 1v1 was on those settings

Dat Bull Joey 1v1 spree

looool the DJ khaled music is fantastic

Oh man, I'm gonna have to watch these when I get some more free time. For now, here's mine:


Haha this is awesome. I hope this thread picks up. I bet there's some gems out there.
for a first time that's not so bad man
I thought the powerhouse trocity was pretty cool, and I'm really really glad I hit a map on the DLC map condemned because there's basically like no clips on that map

this guy sank this thread posting shit everywhere, so im bumping it...