"Cessation" - Aski


This was exausting to do.

This was all captured with the xbox DVR as you can see It looks like absolute cancer + my shit render. The quality isn't great.

If you can ignore all that what you see are some really unique clips. Most h5 tages are insane feeds on super fiesta/warzone/big team slayer/smurf accounts/etc. So I thought I should do something different. I hope I achieved that. I think that the juke play on that heaven remake (mercy) is the highlight of the vid but also the intro/outro kills are great. The reaction kills are decent. I think the editing is quite weak, cause you can't do a minimal edit on h5 and make it look nice cause the game is so overdetailed. (idk if that even is a word) What I mean is that the game has to much shit going on.

Imma stop rambling in broken english.

I decided to make this vid when I was watching hyena's top 50 all time halo tages (at 6am in the morning) and decided to make a vid that would be worthy enough to be on that list. That would be remembered in halo's history. LOL. Im pretty sure the final product isn't that good, but having such high expectations made me really devote time to this project.

I would love to hear opinions. 

I'm glad you chose to use your clips and not necessarily depend on other people's expectations. Good for you, dude. I thought the added sounds here and there were a nice touch. While you even said yourself that the editing is weak, the more you put vids together, the better you'll get at it.

Hey man, you're getting so much better with that sniper! That overkill on Colliseum in the beginning was clean as fuck! Syncing is getting better too man good stuff! 


Gameplay was really cool man, that Rig crack snipe was amazing and really set this apart from other H5 tages. All the whip noscopes were cool too and I'm glad you decided to do your own thing on gameplay and use the GP you liked.

As far as the edit, you did a good job for a first time :) I thought the cuts to where you barely missed the guy on Rig snipes were pretty funny and a nice touch. One thing I would advise is cut the ends of the cinematics a little closer, so that when you're cycling through the views of the Mercy juke it feels a little more fast paced. Don't be afraid to cut with continuous action, which is to say don't think you need a spartan to exit the view, then cut to a different angle where there's no spartan, then a spartan runs into the view. Speed this up and I think you'll like the look better. Another simple thing is to use transitions, just basic cross dissolves and fade outs and things like that. They'll make the cuts between clips much less noticable

The added sounds were a nice touch but they were a little distracting. The one thing I would say about them is make them blend better, like lower in volume and leveled out to be the proper volume in relation to music, game sound, medal audio, etc. If you need a link to the biggest/best SFX archive, let me know and I will link it :)

"This was exhausting to do"  I totally get it dude. Making tages is exhausting but it's because we can tell you put your heart into this one. Keep making more vids and I'm excited to see what you do in the future.

Wow guys, thanks for the answers. Im thinking in re-editing this and add a few more shots if I get anything interesting.


"If you need a link to the biggest/best SFX archive" I would love this and also "thought the cuts to where you barely missed the guy on Rig snipes were pretty funny and a nice touch." That was him missing cheeky hahahaha


I think I forced this montage, grinding the game and grinding the editing kinda ruined it. I'll dedicate more time next time.


Thanks guys.



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Oh, I see lol. I forget H5 theater lets you see the POV of anyone on the map in 1st person. If you just play more Halo and are super extremely selective with GP cutting, then take your time with the edit, good things will happen.