Halo 5 Sniper Montage

Hey guys! Thought I would share my new Sniper Montage here. Hope you enjoy and feel free to provide feedback!


Hey, good work. Pretty nice tage with some cool snipes. I really liked the intro with the rain-y forest. I think the editing was a little toover flashy. You should also be careful with what songs you choose for syncing purposes. The syncing was fine on this one, but the song had so many points where you could have synced and they were left blank. But otherwise it was a fairly decent edit.
Really appreciate the feedback man. That is a good point, this song had a lot of "drops" or whatever that I missed. I mostly used it because of the rainy intro. So you would suggest less editing? Thanks man!
Well, actually I meant a song like this should have a lot of editing to hit every possible sync point. What I meant was use a song that is less crazy. Unless you meant the flash-yness in which case; yes edit less! On the idea of using the song for the rain sound effect. Just use the beginning of the song at that point and use something else for the rest of the song. Good luck!