Ruxs - The FINAL Final MLG Montage (Halo 3)

Sup guys.

Here's a sweet MLG montage my friend Ruxs just released. His clips are really good, especially knowing he only got them in the past couple months, and the edit is chill and showcases the clips neatly. Hope you guys enjoy!




Some nice clutch clips, edit and tunes were suitable. Enjoyed it.
Look at me bravely running away on that exterm.
The gameplay in this is actually really, really good!
Bumping this because it deserves it, even though I'm super late on the watch. Edit wasn't much but it didn't get in the way and was enjoyable to watch. The 4:57 pit clip had some of the nastiest shots I think I've ever seen, and the clip you used for the promo made my jaw drop. Sick stuff, nice to see new content from an old montage maker.