SPNKr | Halo 1 Minitage 1

I made a new dual minitage with BigBall3s. It was spontaneous as fuck but definitely the most fun I've ever had editing. Really hope to find the time to do more of these shorter vids with effort behind the editing, I'm sitting on a lot of gameplay and still enjoy the game a great deal.


I hope everyone's well! <3

I loved it the editing was great and I loved the song choice very chill.

The gameplay was great as well of course! Hopefully more to come love H1 montages


Easily my favorite video of yours. Your editing flowed with the song perfectly imo. Also the spawn stick for the triple and over was insane. 

Thanks a lot, fellas. Really appreciate the kind words. Very glad you enjoyed it. I'm definitely trying to get better at editing so would love to hear the good and bad.


Seamless as always B. Loved it. 
What an extremely convenient time to check up on the old stomping grounds... Awesome to see you still putting out videos. Top notch video as always my man. Makes me want to hop on for some games soon.
Word, great work you two!