9 Circles Of Hell | Circle 1: Limbo



Youtube fucked the brightness to a bit darker it seems. Oh well.

Inspired by the book Inferno by Durante degli Alighieri (Dante).

This was planned to be a series going through each circle of Hell, but since making this took wayyyy longer than I expected I might have to reconsider. Will see.

Just to clarify that I'm atheist, I just find the context to be very interesting.

Gameplay, 3D models, animation etc. and editing by TwistedEyeErnest

Songs in order:
Scorn trailer theme
Scorn kickstarter trailer theme
Prince of Persia Warrior within OST - Struggle In The Library

You feel that way because the intro was half the video. XD


A couple of short jump cuts should convey your message just as much as...whatever all that crazy stuff was. lol


The gameplay though--holy SHIT! You've got an amazing amount of talent in you, which explains why you always piss me off in those FFA matches! devil

You did a fucking swordfly in like, half a second. Not even Beau could do that! I hope you keep going, definitely. Hell of a montage, no pun intended.

Intro could've been shorter but hey, I make like 20 min videos so... I liked everything from gameplay to cinematics (dat 3d) and the soundtrack is also familiar from my youtube playlists. Just the fact there seemed to be no colour correction on gameplay footage bugged me. Great video anyway insta favorite, guess I like dark stuff. Are you going to do all 9 circles of hell?!

Hahhah I mostly just fuck around in ffa and challenge everything, no need to try to sweat my balls off.

It seems that using color corrections throughout the whole video divides people into two groups, some hate it and some just can't get enough of it.

Yes I'm planning on going through each circle but with this speed of rate it might take years hahhah.