Phurion :: Feel It Still :: Halo 2 Classic Montage




Can't believe its been 2 years since I posted a new video.


Haven't been to this site in so long, how the fuck is everyone that's still here??


Hope you guys enjoy <3

Loved it man. Thank you.  Loved the legacy FX.

Should be FP, but I'm not sure if there's anyone left steering this poor ship, I'm afraid.



Thanks man! Damn though...really?? No one?
classy as always ryan. loved the soundtrack, and there's just something about you hitting the quintessential "ryan" clips that just makes them get better with age. Can't say that about pretty much anyone else in halo montaging. 

Absolutely loved it but holy shiz a new Phurion video on THF has minimal activity?  I've lurked on this site for years and it's really bittersweet to see it come to this. 

I blame the circlejerk montager mentality driving away potential new members...

At least there's always Reddit, which is where I found this vid when it was posted. 

Coming here and seeing such a downgraded version of the old website was extremely depressing. Glad I stumbled upon this gem before leaving. Good stuff Ry guy.
Love it man 
- inxy