Untaymed: Upgrade (H2)

Leftover video that I edited for Untaymed about a week ago now. Thought I'd put it up here for all you lovely THF users that are still sticking around. Hope you enjoy!


So sad that this has not even had a reply.

I knew this forum was dead but seriously...?

Rookio good job mate, let's see what happens when you release your main. It might just be the last most talked about post on here :(

Incredible vibes from you Z, as usual. I've told you this before  and this vid is old anyways, but your collabs with Untaymed always fuck me up extra hard. 

My favorite part perhaps was the mask transition midway through, what with the weapon appearing, then doorway, then snipe tower on lockout. Lovely edit, I'm jazzed to be working with you! 

Obviously the gameplay in this was incredible, Untaymed has such a cool style, even when compared to other 10sens H2 players. Can't describe exactly what it is, but i guess calm, collected, and going for style will have to do.