Beautiful Morning - a Halo 3 edit


1080p HD download link:!nk0zGRrK!u0FH5eD5xt8xqRRq11B_901CrOAVdZtRiFJT2q6mLpU

Hey guys, I know I've been gone for a while and this is my first actual full length edit I've finished in almost 2 years.  I have quite a bit to say about it also.  

The project came to start last summer among the ashes of multiple scrapped halo 3 projects.  After Shele scrapped my idea for a Young Thug edit, I still had a burning desire to actually finish one of my flow ideas.  At this point, however, the community had dwindled enough to where it was extremely unlikely that I would be able to find a player that both had cool halo 3 clips and was willing to let me have free reign over a project as an editor, so I did the next best thing and frankensteined my vision out of the clips from scrapped projects (Thank you Hable, Murtaw, and Shele).  I titled this an edit instead of a montage because it was made for my own expressionistic purposes and not for any specific player.  

With that said, it was hard to find motivation to finish the project.  I had to stage all the angles since MCC doesn't have a good filesharing system, and I dealt with a lot of depression and other various life events over the past year that kept me from wanting to work on this at times.  I would work on this for a few hours, then not touch the project for several months at a time before going back.  I might be a bit rusty and some of the shots didn't quite turn out the way I want them to because of that, but I hope it's all very ignorable for the most part.  My goal for the edit was pure simplicity and subtlety, so you won't find too many flashy effects here.  I hope you all enjoy!

PS: Does anyone actually use this forum anymore?  

Yes there are a few people that still use this and i'm glad to see someone putting up work on here and you did a great job nice chill project good watch! <3
super smooth

Finally got around to watching this. Didn't even know I was in it until I saw that barrel snipe and I was like... "That clip was retarded... and he's an elite. Oh that's me".


Super smooth edit, enjoyable soundtrack and nice vibe. Loved the visualizer at the end as well :)

so dope, so clean. if only we had the same idea for the montage. thanks for not using my best clips