TheBillJansen (AKA. BiGBaLL3s) Halo CE Montage - "Follow Me"

I worked pretty hard on this one and managed to get it out just in time to submit to the montage contest. Contest aside, I also made it to help bring some viewers in to my twitch channel that I've been very dedicated to for over 6 months. If you enjoy the montage be sure to show some support and gimme a follow. I NEED IT lol. I stream full-time and play Halo in the afternoons and til 10pm central on Tues/Thurs every week. All clips are 2v2 Halo CE. Edited by yours truly! P.S. If the cropping throws you guys off I'm sorry. I could only capture with the overlay involved unfortunately. Everything else will hopefully make up for it.


Really solid video, I love the claustrophobic, eerie feel of the latter half. You clearly spent some time on this but I'm unsure what I think of the first half. It's timed perfectly but that might be why it becomes a bit predictable. The double stick, camo no-scope and game ending triple were outstanding! Great job man, followed on Twitch.