The Reunion | A MCC Montage | Ft. Phurion, VA BlackHawk, Doodlepop and Titaynium

The Reunion | A MCC Montage | Zentz Productions.

Gameplay: Phurion, VA BlackHawk, Doodlepop and Titaynium.

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Bleeker - Where is your money (Alt Mix)

Sin Shake Sin - Can't go to Hell

Pretty Lights - Led Zeppelin Mix

Pretty Lights - Whole Lotta Sabath

Special thanks to Doodle, Phurion and Titaynium for letting me work on this project. This took me back to the montaging days of Halo. Most importantly of all, my wife, for helping us get angles for the video. You are the MVP.

Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed. More to come in the future of the community is interested in these types of collaborative projects.




Edit when done.

Loved it. Great map variety. Thank you.

Made a reaction video for this:

Incredible, took me back to the golden age of montages.

Agreed, this tage earns tons of bonus points for including Burial Mounds, Gemini, & Desolation. I thought the mix of clip type was strong too, with 4v4 multis, good weapon variety, single launch sticks and best of all, sticks for multis. Great tage here fellas, if any of the admins here were active this would make a great front page post

his was good shit man. Really dug the 1st and 3rd songs. some dope ass moments where the editing really nailed it making the gameplay shine. Gameplay was super map diverse which i appreciate. Thanks for making this


gonna see if i remember how to front page shit




Appreciate the front page feature! I’m glad everyone’s enjoying this.


Sick. There were some clips in there that I've always wanted, god damn! In particular:

  • Vertical launch on ascension
  • Killtac on Sanc (wtf dude)
  • Stick for the frenzy on mid
  • Launch to the respawn porch on terminal (I wanted that shit for YEARS and never got it)

WHO is this Titaynium cat?! This dude's sick. Editing was great, as always.

Titaynium has been around forever.. as soon as I saw his high sticky throws I remembered some of his old montages. He was always great at those
I come here every few months out of nostalgia. What a treat to see a quality Halo montage in 2019. Nice stuff guys.
much love to yall phuRion

Great article. Couldn’t be writing much better! Keep it up!


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